A Winter’s Day

From first light to star light it was one beautiful day.
The day was the last day of January 2019.
It was dry, crisp and sunny.

Sunrise on the 31st of January 2019

Although not the most dramatic sunrise it was still a delight.
As the day progressed the sense of delight increased.
It was a bright uplifting winter’s day.

Tiree’s real ‘Big Ben’ – Ben Hynish crowned by the NATS Radar Station

It is not often Tiree’s roads have to be gritted.
However today I followed the gritting lorry to Baugh.
Not one of those all singing and dancing Mainland gritters.
Just a small lorry with a man using a shovel to sand the road.

The Isle of Mull’s Big Ben – Ben More – a Munro

The conditions were almost ideal for viewing neighbouring islands.
The MV Clansman is serving on the Adrossan Brodick route.
Tiree has the MV Lord of the Isles (LOTI).

The MV Lord of the Isles with Ben More as a backdrop

The view across the Passage of Tiree was like a Winter Wonderland.
This was the backdrop for the arrival and departure of the ferry.
The revised timetable meant that LOTI was in no hurry.
Passengers had plenty of time to admire the view.
And what a stunning view it was!

A Winter Wonderland

The view across Gott Bay is towards Brock and Ruaig.
The backdrop is the more distant Rum Cuillins.
And they are snow capped.

Later in the afternoon we had a walk round Scarinish.
The setting sun was being reflected off Ben More,
It brought a pink hue to Mull’s ‘Big Ben’.

The distant Paps of Jura

To the south lie the islands of Jura and Islay.
On this occasion the Paps of Jura were also snow capped.
Looking across from above Shore Cottage they were like icebergs.

The Lighthouse at Scarinish Old Harbour with Ben More as a backdrop

“I will trade you.
We had a snowstorm a couple days ago,
and now sit in a deep freeze at – 21 degrees C
(with wind chill it is like – 40 degrees C).“
So read the reply to a previous post on Life-on-Tiree.

The view across to Mull from above the harbour

So wrote Brian Anderson from Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada.
He and wife visited Tiree on a beautiful day in May 2018.
Brian has ancestral roots in Kenovay, Tiree.

Ben More dominates the view east

He continued,
“Love the photos of the mountains in the background
that have snow on them.
It adds to the beauty of Tiree
(even if the mountains themselves are elsewhere).”

The Manse at Gott Bay from the pier

The walk brought us back to the pier just as the sun set.
With clear skies it would mean colder than normal temperatures.
However, nothing like the Mainland or those being experienced in Canada.

Sunset from the pier

Rebecca Wright of Chocolates and Charms wrote recently,
One of the most frequent questions
I get asked in the shop in the summer is,
‘How do you cope with the winter on Tiree?

It must be really hard!’

This is Life on Tiree on a Winter’s Day

As you can see we cope quite well!
Yes it does have its ups and downs but isn’t life better with blue sky!?
Hope all my lovely customers are having some blue sky days,
looking forward to seeing you later on in 2019.

Waiting for the stars to pop out

A Winter’s Day
And the blue sky continued.
What a cracker of a sunrise greeted the 1st of February.

This is Life on Tiree