Tiree’s Latest Export

With a time critical appointment today at lunchtime
there could be no visit to the pier to coincide
with the arrival or departure of the ferry.

The Post Box at Gott with the MV Lord of the Isles at the pier

The appointment meant driving the length of the island.
First of all our journey meant a trip to the east end.
Then travelling from the east end to the west end
and finally returning to Scarinish.

The MV Lord of the Isles alongside the pier

From the road along Gott Bay we could clearly see the pier.
Berthed alongside was the MV Lord of the Isles.
Her stay at Tiree was an extended one.

The view from above Ruaig looking towards Scarinish

Just before leaving home CalMac announced that,
Due to adverse weather forecast and swell conditions,
the Oban-Coll-Tiree service on Tuesday 5th February
has been cancelled.

The view across Gott Bay towards Ben Gott and Ben Hynish with the NATS Station

Shortly afterwards came another announcement.
It was from the island’s filling station, MacLennan Motors,
Unfortunately there is no unleaded left and very little diesel!!
We were due a tanker over on Saturday
but CalMac made a mistake with bookings in Oban
resulting in tanker being placed on tomorrows sailing.
This is is now cancelled and I’ve highlighted
the importance of getting the tanker over asap.
Will update when we have more information.
Apologies for this inconvenience
which I must stress is no fault of our own.

It’s low tide – the view across the big bay to Kenavara.

The next advertised sailing is Thursday.
Will there be space on that sailing for the tanker?
Or will CalMac consider giving Tiree a sailing on Wednesday?

The MV Lord of the Isles heads out of a sun drenched Gott Bay bound for Coll and Oban

Now back to the ferry’s extended stay at the pier.
It was to accommodate Tiree’s latest export.
It was not some new breed of livestock.
It was not Tiree whisky – as yet.
It was not Tiree Gin.
It was water.

Tiree’s latest export

Tiree was supplying water for the neighbouring island of Coll.
Apparently the island does not have a full mains supply.
The fact is that they were running short of water.
As an island we could not see them go thirsty.
They might have had to drink whisky!

Monday’s sunset over Scarinish

Island life can be very interesting!
Whether running short of fuel or water.
Whether amazing beaches and sunshine or wind and swell.

Dramatic sunsets

This is Life on Tiree.

The sun has set – Goodnight!