Inbound To Tiree

The visit to the Mainland was at short notice.
There had been no strategic planning.
On Monday it had been out by Ferry.
On Thursday it was inbound by plane.

Sunrise over the Braes, Reddingmuirhead, Falkirk

The decision to return by plane was down to the weather forecast.
The forecast was for the wind to rise significantly on Thursday.
In such circumstances the plane appeared the better option.
Such considerations seemed remote on the Mainland.
Especially when Thursday dawned bright.

It’s Valentine’s Day and we receive a gift as we board the Twin Otter

The flight to Tiree takes off from Glasgow International Airport.
The weather continued to be bright and sunny.
As we boarded we were given a gift.
It was a Valentine’s Day gift.
A packet of love hearts.

The flight departs its stand and commences to taxi

Passenger numbers were 4 in total – ourselves and 2 others.
The pilot pushed back from the stand 10 minutes early.
So began our inbound flight to Tiree

Take Off

We had a brief wait to access the runway.
We were airborne at 16:31.
“Here we come!”

The Twin Otter continues its climb

As we took off we had a clear view of the airport and the city.
However, it was not long before we were riding the clouds.
Sunset was going to be hazy.

We traverse a cloud blanket

The blanket of cloud continued until we were above the Isle of Mull.
There were only briefly glimpses of Argyll and Bute.
Then the curtain was drawn back.

Below our plane in the Passage of Tiree lay the Treshnish Isles.
From our seat we could pick out various islands.
Staffa – Lunga and the Dutchman’s Cap.

The outline of Tiree through a hazy skyline

There was no bright sunset to aid visibility.
It was close to sunset and there was a distinct haze.
Through the cockpit window you could just make out the outline of Tiree.

The approach over Gott Bay and Soa

By this time we were well into our descent.
Our approach took the flight over Gott Bay.
We were almost home.

The pier striking out into the bay

There was the pier that we left from on Monday lunchtime.
Examining the photographs afterwards is interesting.
You have aerial views of familiar landmarks.


Then our flight took us over Parkhouse.
Parkhouse is distinguishable by its blue roof.
We were now turning for our final approach to the runway.


With a bump we were down.
In no time we were were taxing to the terminal.
The steps were lowered and the ground crew came out.

The Twin Otter on the apron at Tiree

It was great to be back on Tiree once again.
A hazy sunset provided a backdrop for the plane.
A friend was present to meet us and take us to their home.
What kindness – an evening meal before returning to our own home.

First light

We went to bed with the sound of a southerly wind blowing around our home.
It was still windy and gusting when we woke in the morning.
But there was a hint of the sunrise to come.

The sun commences its rise over the Passage of Tiree

It was tempting to go out and witness it rise over the Passage of Tiree.
The lure was so so strong and the reward was worthwhile.
It was so beautiful even it was chilly in the wind.

Sunrise – what a welcome home

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’.