The Mighty One Returns

The Mighty One Returns!
The return is only temporary for now.
Today she returned from her visit to Birkenhead.
She had gone down south to dry dock for her annual overhaul.

The Mighty One in a Murky Passage of Tiree

Before her trip south she spent a few days working in the Clyde.
She was there to replace the MV Caledonian Isles.
The latter had been delayed in the dry dock.

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The MV Hebrides has yet to enter dry dock for her overhaul.
The date scheduled at present for this visit is March 1-23.
The MV Clansman will relieve her on the Uig triangle.
So her return to Coll and Tiree is temporary.

The MV Lord of the Isles alongside the pier – seen from Gott Postbox

On Monday Tiree said her goodbye to the MV Lord of the Isles.
She has taken the place of the MV Clansman in her absence.
She is due to return when the MV Clansman heads north.

The MV Lord of the Isles alongside the pier in Gott Bay

Sunday’s scheduled sailing had been cancelled.
The cancellation was down to the weather.
Monday saw a revised timetable.

Just a short stretch of the ‘Big Beach’ that characterises Gott Bay

The MV Lord of the Isles arrived and departed in sunshine.
It was low tide and the sands of Gott Bay were like a mirror.
The ferry could be seen reflected numerous times.
What a picture she made.

Later in the day the weather changed.
It became much more showery.
Sunshine. Showers. Rainbows.

The MV Clansman alongside the pier

What a marked contrast the return of the Mighty One.
She was operating to an amended timetable.
She had sailed overnights from the Mersey.

There was a slight delay in lowering the stern ramp

Her arrival in Tiree at 5:00pm was down by about 10 minutes.
The conditions out in the Passage of Tiree were murky.
The sky was overcast and it started to rain.

The pier lighting has been switched on the traffic begins to roll up the pier approach

There was a slight delay in completely lowering the stern ramp.
In view of the rough conditions the gangway was not used.
It was little wonder the pier lights were switched on.
Soon the traffic was on the move.

The vessel secured and with the ropes cast the ferry departs about 10 minutes down

As soon as possible the stern ramp was raised.
The vessel was secured and made ready to go to sea.
Then around 5:30pm the ropes were released and she was underway.

The MV Clansman heads out to sea bound for Oban – a direct sailing with no stop at Coll

It was not quite a full face wash.
The bow waves did not quite top the bridge.
How well the Mighty One handles such conditions.

Not quite a full face wash!

This evening was another reminder of the work of the pier staff.
In all kinds of weather they have to handle heavy wet ropes.
They have to stand in what is termed a snap back zone.
They have to cope with gusting wind.
They deserve our thanks.

It’s a wild night

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.