Pier Pressure

On Friday evening the winds started to rise.
As a consequence Saturday’ ferry sailing was cancelled.
Then mid Saturday afternoon things calmed down – temporarily!
At that point in time it felt like we were experiencing the eye of the storm.

Sunset over Gott Bay from the pier in sunnier conditions

Late Saturday afternoon the wind started to rise once again.
It would appear the wind was coming from a a south westerly direction.
The house felt that it was taking a battering as the slates rose and fell noisily.

Livestock Sale traffic, vehicles and foot passengers. head up the pier approach

The wind had been forecast to be well above 60mph, around 68mph.
It is hard to be precise about the actual speed of the gusts.
Tiree weather station has not been reporting data.
In South Uist the gusts topped 70mph.

The MV Clansman alongside the pier on Thursday before the storm broke on Friday evening and Saturday’s sailing was cancelled.

From the West End of the island there were reports of thunder and lightening.
The whole experience for some was alarming, even distressing.
The powerful gusts continued well into Sunday morning.

The area of the pier that is a cause for concern

It seemed highly unlikely that he ferry would berth.
It departed Oban 8:15, an hour later than timetabled.
Even at that it did not manage to berth at Coll on the way to Tiree.
Having witnessed the swell conditions we marvelled that it berthed at Tiree.

Where the pier approach joins the pier supported by piles

Thankfully our home sustained no damage that we can see.
However, not so Tiree’s pier. It has suffered storm damage.
When out walking we witnessed the damage.

Some of the loose concrete removed to the side of the main carriageway

Only this past week Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd had stated:
It is the intention of the Employer (CMAL)
to appoint a suitably experienced contractor
to undertake works on the Old Pierhead
and Main Approach structures
located at Tiree Ferry Terminal, Isle of Tiree.

This work cannot begin too soon!

A notice that gives a warning at the old pier that is awaiting repairs.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
(What over possible explanation could there be for the damage?}