Wild Weather Warning

On the Mainland the talk is of weather related travel disruption.
For the past three weekends Tiree has experienced such disruption.
On the first two Saturdays the ferry from Oban to Coll and Tiree was cancelled.
This past Saturday the ferry made the crossing but Sunday’s sailing was cancelled.

Inky black sky and grass turning snow white at Gott Bay

Sunday turned out to be a stormy day.
At times hail made a good impression of snow.
The sky was inky black and the ground was snow white.

The MV Lord of the Isles prepares to berth on the Saturday evening

Tiree’s dedicated ferry the MV Clansman is serving on the UIg Triangle.
The is the ferry service from Skye to Harris and North Uist.
Consequently Tiree has the MV Lord of the Isles.

The MV Lord of the Isles with the bow and midship ropes being secured

The MV Lord of the Isles (LOTI) has a much reduced capacity.
It also has a much lower weight limit further reducing capacity.
Thus there are two Saturdays sailings at present.

The decision has been made – no sailing on Sunday

On Monday the ferry took advantage of a weather window.
Vehicles had to be at Oban Ferry Terminal by 3:15am
The ferry left the port at 4:00am.

It’s 7:30am and we look out across Gott Bay as we await LOTI

The ferry sailed directly from Oban to Tiree with no stop at Coll.
This involved all vehicle traffic being off loaded at Tiree.
Then the Tiree traffic for Oban was boarded.
This was followed by the Coll traffic.

LOTI out in the Passage of Tiree – still 20 minutes away from berthing

Many people with vital journeys were trying to sail.
The ferry was fully booked – no great surprise.
Several cars on standby were left behind.
The question is when will they get away?

The MV Lord of the Isles in Gott Bay

An early sailing was better than no sailing.
The fact the ferry arrived was much appreciated.
It enabled people travelling for an island funeral to attend.
As did the fact that the morning and afternoon Glasgow flights landed.

LOTI bathed in early morning sunshine

At first light the sky above Tiree was blue.
This was in sharp contrast with the sky over the Isle of Mull.
The morning remained bright but by noon the wind was starting to rise.

Hauling in the bow and midship ropes

The weather reports from Tiree’s Automatic Weather station are still down.
We do not need the reports to know just how wild it is outside this evening.
At present the gusts are around 60mph and are set to rise.

Sunshine accompanied by light wind and moderate swell

The weather forecast for the week ahead is for wild weather.
Tuesday’s ferry to Coll and Tiree has been cancelled.
‘Due to South West winds gusting up to 60 knots,
this service has been cancelled.’

An empty car deck

LoganAir put out the following statement,
In view of the high winds forecast and potential for travel disruption,  
we are offering customers travelling on flights to and from
Barra, Benbecula, Campbeltown, Donegal, Islay,
City Of Derry, Stornoway and Tiree
the opportunity to adjust travel plans without charge.  

One way to increase capacity when space is limited.

This was followed by the assurance:
If you are booked to travel on 12/13 March,
you can choose to re-book on an alternative flight
between now and Wednesday 20th March. 
There will be no change fee or difference in fare payable –
if there is a seat available on an earlier or later flight,
you can transfer your booking to that flight
without charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is an expensive business for commercial vehicles.

The March Lion is roaring.
Apparently he is called Gareth – not Leo!
He is not a tame lion – he is most certainly wild.

LOTI heads out to sea bound for Coll and Oban – when we see her again?

This is island life. This fact is recognised.
Nevertheless it can have many ramifications.
And in a way that it does not do so on the Mainland
When links to the Mainland are shut down it has an impact.
It impacts on all kinds of businesses, services and arrangements.

Blue sky over Glebe House – what a beautiful morning to arrive on Tiree

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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