The Lion Unleashed

There is a weather related saying that states:
‘If March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb.
Correspondingly if it comes in like a lamb it will go out like lion.’

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This year, 2019, has come in roaring like a lion.
It’s not Leo the Lion, it is Gareth the Lion.
And the lion has been unleashed.

The lion unleashed on Crossapol beach

Sunday’s ferry sailing was cancelled due to the stormy weather.
Monday’s crossing made the most of a helpful weather window.
It left Oban at 4:00am and arrived at Tiree about 7:45am.

The waves power in

Those booked on Sunday’s sailing had to rebook for Monday’s ferry crossing.
However the ferry was fully booked and several had to wait on standby.
Although a few managed to board, some vehicles were left behind.

The MV Lord of the Isles heads out to sea from Tiree early on Monday morning

To make matters worse Tuesday’s ferry was cancelled due to the weather.
In the winter timetable Tiree has no ferry provision on a Wednesday..
It would probably have been cancelled due to the weather,
The lion looks as if it will continue to roar.
The wait continues!

With Tiree’s bird life no wonder they patrol the runway before flights

Thankfully Tuesday’s morning flight from Glasgow landed safely.
Some people wisely decided to travel on the morning flight.
Some had transferred from the evening flight.
It was a wise decision.

Not so fortunate were those planning to leave by the evening flight.
The evening flight was cancelled due to the roaring lion.
The plane was storm bound in Glasgow Airport.
It was unable to take off due to the wind there.

It is not just Tiree residents unable to leave for the Mainland.
Several Mainland workmen are trapped unable to leave.
And it is all down to the roaring lion.

From the airport buildings the Atlantic waves can be seen crashing on the skerries at Balephetrish

The roar of the lion has turned the sea into a boiling cauldron.
In the morning the sun shone turning the sky a deep blue.
Yet even in the morning there were hail laden squalls.
The lion had a nasty habit of violently spitting.

It was very special witnessing the power of the sea.
Waves were crashing on the rocks sending spray into the air.
The wind was turning the waves upon themselves and producing spindrift.

A tiny private plane seeks shelter by the Terminal building

Mid-afternoon the sky turned inky black.
It looks like a thunderstorm was about to break.
And the lion did well and truly roar in thunderous tones.

Crossapol – where the action takes place

They say that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.
And this morning at least one surfer was enjoying the swell.
Baugh Beach, Crossapol, might be white with surf but what a place to be.

Did it hail!

Lightning flashed and thunder pealed.
Powerful squalls buffeted and battered.
Some of the peals of thunder shook the houses.
Lights went on and off and eventually went off all together.


The fault with the electric supply was not on Tiree.
A tree had come down on a power line on the Isle of Mull.
Eventually Tiree’s electric generator was powered up and we had power.

Gott Bay by the pier

Once again lightening has left its mark on some telephone lines.
There has been a report of broadband routers frying!
Frustrating when told to contact the supplier online.

The power of the sea takes a dramatic form

There’s no ferry on a for some the long wait continues.
Those booked on Wednesday morning’s flight wait anxiously.
As they go to bed the lion is still roaring.
The lion has been unleashed.

Spindrift by their – and no ferry today!

The Scarinish Headland was a dramatic sight
As darkness fell what a view from our window.
The waves could be seen crashing on the rocks.

The view above is from our home on Tiree.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

The lion has been unleashed and we have experienced his powerful roar