Summer! Really?

Baroque legend Vivaldi’s most famous work for violin is ‘The Four Seasons’.
We usually associate Vivaldi with Venice and the Italian sun.
Is there a hint here that Summer is on its way?

Sunlight dances on the waves

Spring is the transition season between Winter and Summer.
In Spring daylight hours noticeably get much longer
Temperatures normally start to get warmer.
And many plants start to blossom.

Blue skies proclaim a welcome springlike day.

In the meteorological calendar Spring begins in March and ends in May.
Astronomically Spring typically starts on the day of the vernal equinox.
In the Northern Hemisphere this is around the 20th of March.

The MV Lord of the Isles heads out to sea as sheep quietly graze

On the Isle of Tiree there are subtle hints of the change of seasons.
However on the island we can experience four seasons in one day.
Certainly from one day to another it can feel so different.
Yet daylight hours are beyond doubt lengthening.
When the wind drops it can feel warm.
That is – comparatively speaking!

Lambs are beginning to be seen across the island

CalMac, the ferry operator, only knows two seasons, winter and summer.
On Thursday there is the change from the winter to summer timetable.
The major difference being a ferry every day weather permitting.
On a Tuesday the sailing is much later in the day.
On a Wednesday there is a sailing to Barra.
And on Friday the sailing is much earlier.

The ropes released as the MV Lord of the Isles heads out to sea bound for Oban via Coll

The MV Clansman has returned from deployment on the Uig Triangle.
(The Uig Triangle is the crossing from Skye to Harris and North Uist.)
In her absence the MV Lord of the Isle has served Coll and Tiree.
On Tuesday morning ‘LOTI’ said her goodbyes.
On Thursday we welcome the ‘Clansman’.

On Tuesday-  the ramp raised and the vessel secured ready to head out to sea

On Friday we welcome CalMac’s summer.
Climatically there might be little evidence of summer.
However, the benefits of the summer timetable will be welcomed.
The increased capacity of the MV Clansman will make a difference.
A fact much appreciated by haulage contractors – if not the charges levied.

On Tuesday the MV Lord of the Isles bid farewell to Tiree

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ where Spring is about to spring into Summer for the ferry.

The weather is kind to the Northern Lighthouse vessel ‘Pharos’ on her way to service Skerryvore Lighthouse