Briagha! Beautiful!

March 2019 came in like a lion and it went out like a lamb.
What a beautiful day Sunday the 31st of March proved to be.
From sunrise to sunset the sun shone and it even felt relatively warm.

Saturday’s Sunset
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Saturday paved the way for Sunday.
The day was bright with a colourful sunset.
So it was we woke up to an even more colourful sunrise.
However, that was nothing compared to what was to follow!

Sunday Morning’s Sunrise from our bedroom window

On Sunday sunrise was later by about an hour.
On Sunday clocks were adjusted for British Summer Time.
And from sunrise to sunset the ‘Paps of Jura’ could be clearly seen from our home.

The ‘Paps of Jura’ (7:55am) from Scarinish

On Sunday morning’s we meet with the church family at An Talla (Crossapol).
The Baptist Church have their own premises but they are not large enough.
Additional space is needed for the Children’s Activities

The Northern Lighthouse Vessel ‘Pharos’

Opposite An Talla was the Northern Lighthouse vessel the ‘Pharos’.
For the most of the past week she has sat in Hynish Bay.
The sun was sparkling magically on the still waters.

The helicopter from the Pharos

The previous day the helicopter from ‘Pharos’ touched down by the lighthouse.
It appeared to pick up 3 people and take them to the vessel.
It all adds interest to life on Tiree.

The view from An Talla towards the radar station on Ben Hynish

“What a beautiful day!”
A welcome cup of coffee followed the church service.
Then with some visiting friends we headed off for a brief tour of the ‘West End’.

Contented to stand and take in the view

Our first stop was Balephuil and West Hynish.
It was simply beautiful in the afternoon sunshine.
‘Beautiful’ was a word oft repeated on our whistle stop tour.

Three Oyster Catchers provide a fly past

Balephuil Bay was looking stunning.
As we stood three Oyster Catchers provided a fly past.
These birds appear to love Tiree – they are particularly numerous this year.

Ben More and the Dutchman’s Cap

On the road back to Balemartine the view was impressive.
Over the roof tops were the blue waters of the Passage of Tiree.
Ben More on the Isle of Mull is the impressive mass of the island’s Munro.
You cannot miss the ‘Dutchman’s Cap’- as it is commonly known.

The NLV ‘Pharos’

Over the roof tops we could also make out the NLV Pharos.
Turning on to the ‘main road’ we had a view of Soroby beach.
On the Isle of Tiree we are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches.

Soroby beach – with the the ponies returning from the beach

Lunch was calling but there was time to return home view Balevullin.
This beach is particularly popular with the surfing community.
Today in the sunshine it was simply ‘beautiful’.


Our route home took us via Balephetrish.
Much of the beach was covered by seaweed.
The waters surrounding the island are rich in seaweed.

No shortage of seaweed for garden fertiliser

This sunny Sunday afforded clear view of islands near and far.
From Balevullin we could make out the Western Isles.
From Balephetrish we could see Eigg and Rum.

After a late lunch decided to take a walk down to Gott Bay by the pier.
Such was the day there was no need for a coat, hat, scarf or gloves.
Indeed some young people were enjoying diving into the water.
The shrieks and laughter proved it was great fun.

Imagine having to wear this great big heavy coat on a warm day

Gott Bay has the big beach.
Today its waters were a deep blue.
What it is to live in such a beautiful setting.

The view across the blue waters of Gott Bay.
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Crystal clear water.
Water that acted as a mirror.
Water that enticed several to dive into it.

(Or even Celandine)
Here was a powerful reminder.
In about a month the Machair would be in bloom.

The Machair will soon be in bloom

The day was not over yet.
There was a view of the sunset to enjoy from Baugh.
In fact we decided to return via Crossapol, Kenovay and Balephetrish.

The NLV ‘Pharos’ from Baugh.
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What a great night to be out and about!
It was hard not to keep stopping to admire the sky.
How good God is to give us eyes and to see and the ability to appreciate.

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Briagha! Beautiful!
(I hope I have the correct Gaelic word)
I leave you with the words of the popular song.

The sun has set – Wow!

‘The ferry leaves from Oban every day
And passes Tobermory on the way,
Then just beyond the lovely isle of Coll,
Lies Tiree, the most beautiful of all.’
(Moira Kerr)

To think – Monday would be so different.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.