Sunset Strand

For a brief period in mid-afternoon it had clouded over.
However, for the most part, it had been a sunny day.
So it was we decided to go for a walk at sunset.

The outline of the redundant Kirkapol church building

Our chosen location was Gott Bay.
Around 20:45 we parked the car at Kirkapol.
We were just in front the redundant church building.

Sunset strand – looking west

It seems a while since our last post.
With family visiting it has been enjoyable but extra busy.
When the family left to travel south it was the Easter celebrations.

The setting sun reflected by the wet sand

What a contrast this evening’s glorious setting from that previous post.
On that occasion the ferry had faced challenging conditions.
It left the bay with the bow wave crashing over the vessel.
On this occasion there was just a gentle breeze.

Looking west across the beach towards the setting sun

There was no need to walk a great distance to get to the beach.
We literally stepped from the car and onto the sand.
And just as the sun was about to set.

The Big Beach

The tide was well out emphasising the fact that this is Tràigh Mhòr.
Here on the Isle of Tiree it is the closest beach to our home.
It is translated as the ‘big beach’ – about 4 miles in length.
It truly is a great expanse of sand and is magnificent.

Looking towards the houses just off Pier Road

We looked out across the bay to our home just off Pier Road.
The setting sun was transforming the homely scene.
So we walked out into the gloamin’.

The sun has set leaving a glorious marbled sky

There is a real sense of daylight hours lengthening.
For a while after the sun had set the sky remained a picture.
The colours of the gloamin’ remained even when we returned home.
In fact we stopped off close to the pier to look back on where we had walked.

We have never seen so many worm casts on this beach!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

Looking back across the bay from the pier

It was a real pleasure to meet up with some visitors to Tiree.
They had links with the island from the family’s past.
After several years they were making a return visit.
Pleased to hear you enjoyed your ‘weekend’.