Tiree’s Busy Airport

‘Flying Farmers’ visit Tiree.
What an amazing sight – 11 aircraft on the apron.
And thanks to a tip-off I was there to witness the sight.

Flying Farmers parked up

The Flying Farmers’ Association Ltd. was formed in the United Kingdom in 1974.
The Association is open to any farmer, forester or landowner
who owns an aircraft or operates an airstrip
They currently have around 400 members.

Early morning mist looked as if nothing would be landing at Tiree.
The flight from Oban appears to have been cancelled.
This was apparently due to the mist at Oban Airport.

A Triangular View

The Loganair Glasgow flight landed and took off as scheduled.
Then between 10:30 and 11:30 the ‘Flying Farmers’ made their appearance.
One after another they approached the airport, landed, taxied and were parked.

Who is counting?

By the time all 11 planes were parked the sky had turned bright blue.
They were only small aircraft on the apron and not jumbo jets.
But it was a memorable day for the airport.

The final plane to land

Just where do you park 11 aircraft on the island’s airport?
Normal traffic is two flights a day and four on a Monday and Wednesday.
Yet with the necessary skill the tower and ground staff rose to the occasion.

The ‘Flying Farmers’ have a busy day themselves.
After their brief visit to Tiree they will be heading for Colonsay.
Tiree has several proper metalled runways unlike Colonsay with its grass strip.

The Penultimate Plane to land

The visit of the ‘Flying Farmers’ coincided with a Sale at the Rural centre.
United Auctions were present for a ‘Sale of Cattle and Sheep of all classes’.
Later, when the MV Clansman returns, the lorries will head back to the Mainland.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

What an exciting morning!