“Exquisite Pleasure”

Having friends visit is a real joy and pleasure.
It is a delight to show them around our island home.
Scarinish is our postal address but the island is our home.

At Heylipol Church –  10 gulls on a fence but one flew away

It is a great excuse to travel the length and breadth of the island.
It provides an opportunity to explore areas visited less often.
It is just like having our very own visual boasting book.
(Perhaps you have heard of granny’s boasting book.)

A highland cow at Hynish

On a previous visit they experienced wall to wall sunshine.
Of course, as everyone knows, on Tiree the sun always shines.
Just to prove it they have enjoyed five days of blue sky and sea.
However, there has always to be an exception, it has rained today!

The MV Clansman enters the Gunna Sound with the Island of Rum as a backdrop

We have watched the MV Clansman pass through the Gunna Sound.
We have explored the First Century broch at Dùn Mòr
We hiked from Balephetrish to the Ringing Stone.
(The latter is an erratic from the island of Rum).
We walked the beach at Balephuil.
And watched the seals at Hynish.

The MV Clansman in Gott Bay viewed between the man-made dunes close to the pier.

On several occasions we have looked out on the NLB vessel the ‘Pharos’.
From our south facing windows she has appeared so close to the house.
Today we witnessed her helicopter land on her helipad.
The sky and sea were a dull grey.
But! It was exciting.

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On their previous visit they had enjoyed lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe.
So it was no real surprise that they wanted to pay a return visit.
Another request was a visit to ’Chocolates and Charms’.

Runners in the Tiree 10K and Half-Marathon passing the former Heylipol School

Their arrival could not have been better timed.
It was the day of the Tiree 10k and half-marathon.
They had time for bite of lunch and then head off to Marshall.
(You might like to see what John had to say about his experience.)

Once again John has put on record his experience.
This time he has written about this return visit to Tiree.
It has been a pleasure to see the island through a visitor’s eyes.

Returning to a beautiful place that it is impossible to frequent as often as you would like is an exquisite pleasure. It is especially so when the light is at its clearest and brightest, bringing out the colours of land and sea. Travelling around the many crofting townships becoming familiar again with the significant points of the Island, one is flooded with unfamiliar images, wonderful colours, the wildness and beauty of the Machair, different species of bird, gamboling lambs, Highland cattle leisurely grazing, the sweep of numerous bays and beaches and the dancing of light everywhere. It really is a magic place.

An aspect of the island that gives great pleasure are the big skies with their majestic cloud formations, and the huge horizons of sea with the outlines of Barra, Uist and Harris in one direction; Rhum and Eigg in another direction and Ben More on Mull in yet another direction. Everywhere one looks there are vistas of magnificence that take the breath away.

A section of the Broch at Vaul

Walking here again is delightful. So many things to see and to take note of. Flowers, plants, grasses, rocks, shells, crofts, houses, animals, boats, ships, the Skerryvore Lighthouse on the horizon, the light dancing like so many diamonds on the sea, the shapes of the sand formed by the tide.

The senses become drunk with images of light and brightness all amidst the sounds of silence and solitude. It is like a rich tonic acting on the senses, spirit, heart and mind.

A home at Balevullin with the Outer Hebrides as a backdrop

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.