It’s Sunday evening.
It’s been a beautiful sunny day.
And as the sun sets it is so tranquil.

Scarinish Harbour and Hotel

The air is so still.
The sea is so calm.
It all feels so peaceful.

Scarinish on a tranquil evening – the sea just quietly lapping on the shore

The pier at Milton is undergoing major works.
Last year the Old Harbour Pier in Scarinish was refurbished.
For the time being some of the displaced fishing boats are making use of it.

The day’s catch being landed

This evening one of the boats was landing its catch.
The sound of the lorry’s cooling system could be heard.
Occasionally the sound of voices came over the water.
Yet, somehow it just added to the tranquil atmosphere.

Tranquil Scarinish Harbour

The only other sound was the bleating of the sheep.
Ewes calling for their lambs, lambs calling for their mothers.
Once again it only added to the evening’s sense of tranquility.

Quietly Grazing, Machair Munching, “You be careful now!”

Later in the evening we made our way down to the pier in Gott Bay.
As we made our way down the road we could see a cruise ship.
The vessel was far out in the Passage of Tiree.
It was the ‘Artania’ heading for Kirkwall.

Far out in the Passage of Tiree a cruise ship heads from Fort William to Kirkwall

The backdrop was taking on the colour of the setting sun.
In fact the whole sky was being transformed.
Clouds caressed Ben More

Look East – All around Tiree the Sky is taking on the hues of sunset

Gott Bay could have been named ‘Tranquility Bay’.
The various moored craft lay so peacefully.
A fishing boat briefly disturbed the peace.
Then tranquility prevailed.


High above in the sky was the moon.
Looking out on ‘Tranquility Bay I was reminded of ‘Tranquility Base’.
It was there on July 20, 1969, that the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle landed.
This was the first time that any human had walked on another celestial body.

High Above – Tranquility Base

Back on earth the scene is serene
There is the stillness of the evening air.
There is the calmness of the water in the bay.
Sky and sea have been transformed by the sunset.

Sunday Evening and Gott Bay could well be named Tranquility Bay

Tomorrow morning the scene will change dramatically.
Vital work is set to commence on the pier.
It is scheduled to last several months.
But for now it is so peaceful.
It is tranquil.

Just resting

This is Life on Tiree.

Tranquility Bay