‘Just Growing Wild’

The sun is shining.
The sea is a myriad shades of blue.
And Tiree’s famous Machair is in full bloom.

The Machair, Silver Sands, Gott Bay

Walk, cycle or drive, the island is looking particularly beautiful.
From East to West and North to South it is stunning.
The island is aive with a riot of colour.

The Machair at Vaul

It was just last week.
I happened to look over the garden fence.
And I noticed a flash of red among the tall grass.
It was an indoor rose that had been thrown out and abandoned.

Just Growing Wild – A true survivor

Somehow it had survived the winter winds and salt air.
And there it was, short, stubby, but in full bloom.
Unwanted it had been cast aside
Yet it was now growing wild.

Just Growing Wild – close to the roadside by Gott Bay

Since then the words of the song keep playing in my mind.
‘I’m nobody’s child
Just like a flower – just growing wild.
No mommy’s kisses and no daddy’s smile
Nobody wants me – I’m nobody’s child.’

Thankfully, I am certain of my true identity.
I do not feel as if I am ‘Nobody’s child’
I am loved and accepted.
By grace a child of God.

No! The words that registered with me were these:
‘Just like a flower – just growing wild.’
Not cultivated – just growing wild’.

Iris by a burn entering Gott Bay

So with the sun shining we set out.
We wanted to breathe in something of the beauty.
We wanted to stop and appreciate our island environment.

Just Growing Wild in the Garden

In reality we have only to look out of our window.
In our nature reserve of a garden there are flowers growing wild.
[The truth be told – we do not mow the lawn, we simply cut the grass.]
However, lifting our eyes we can see the riot of colour that is the Machair.

This is Life on Tiree

Wild flowers, sand, sea, mountains and a dog walker