When Time Flies

Our visiting friends arrived on Tuesday’s ferry.
It is hard to think that it is Saturday already!
This week the days have just flown by.
And today we said our goodbyes.

Scarinish Old Harbour

Tuesday’s ferry is a later crossing arriving at Tiree at 18:50.
By the time we ate and conversed the evening had gone.
There was just time for a short walk to the old harbour.
We did not go exploring the island until the next day.
Our friends had never been to the island before.


There was no question as to what we would do.
The ferry would be passing through the Gunna Sound.
So it was into the car and drive the short distance to Caolas.

Lying abandoned in the Machair at Caolas

We crossed the Machair to a favourite viewing spot.
The sun was shining and the Machair stunning.
As always the Mighty Clansman was majestic.
What a great start to their time on Tiree.

The Mighty Clansman passing majestically through the Gunna Sound

From Caolas we made our way towards Balemartine.
We had a booking at the popular Farmhouse Cafe.
Afterwards we took a leisurely drive back home.
Naturally taking in more of the island.

The popular Farmhouse Cafe at Balemartine

On Thursday morning we enjoyed coffee at the Yellow Hare by the Pier-head.
We timed our arrival to avoid the rush that precedes the ferry’s arrival.
Then it was off to explore more of the island, particularly the west end.

It was a morning and afternoon of sunshine and showers.
We began our trip with a walk along Soroby beach.
And we just about managed to dodge a shower.

The expanse that is Soroby Beach

By the time we arrived at Hynish the sun was out again.
After a picnic lunch it was time to visit the Lighthouse Museum.
The views from the historic pier across Hynish Bay were much appreciated.

Hynish Pier and the Passage of Tiree

Then it was off back to Balemartine and across to West Hynish.
The draw is the view of Kenavara and the wonder that is Balephuil beach.
Our chief purpose was to continue on to the large seal Colony at West Hynish.

Just a few of the seals that belong to the seal colony at West Hynish

Just as we were returning to the car a heavy rain shower came our way.
The consensus of opinion was that we needed a cup of coffee.
Thus we made our way to Chocolates and Charms.

Mention must be made of the “Balemartine Fold’ that we passed on our way.
This is an award winning herd of Highland Cattle opposite the Cafe.
One cow summoned the herd with an intense bellow.
Obediently the others answered the call.

Dramatic Skies on the drive home from Sandaig

That evening we visited Ceabhar Restaurant at Sandaig.
The restaurant affords stunning views across the Machair to Kenavara.
The sun was not far off sinking into the Atlantic when we made our way home.
We were welcomed by the host and enjoyed great food, well presented and served.

Friday’s Appointment took us by Gott Bay

On Friday we had various commitments in the morning.
Thus it was not until the afternoon that we could go exploring.
Driving across ‘The Reef’ we noticed activity at the airport.
To our surprise there were several aircraft on the apron.
No doubt it was guests arriving for Saturday’s wedding.

There was every sign we would at last enjoy a Tiree sunset.
We choose to drive across to Balevullin to watch the sun go down.
Perhaps not the most stunning sunset but still well worth the drive.
What a wonderful end to three days spent in the company of our friends.


It registered with us that June 21st was the Summer Solstice.
Little wonder then it was so light as we drove home.
The gloaming’ was particularly attractive.

Balevullin with a view across to the Outer Hebrides

How time flies.
Especially when you are enjoying yourself.
Saturday morning saw us at the pier to see our friends off.
They have only a few more days in Scotland before flying back to Sweeden.

Balephetrish Bay in the gloamin’

Our friends were struck by Tiree’s Big Skies.
What great views they enjoyed of the sunshine and clouds.
They were thrilled by the Machair and the colour of the sand and sea.

“Haste Ye Back”

This is Life on Tiree saying, “Haste Ye Back”.

A panoramic view of Balephetrish in the gloamin’

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