A Wee Walk

“I’m just away for a wee walk to the pier.”
It’s not that the ferry is due in any time soon.
After all it is almost 10pm on a Saturday evening.
No! It’s just the need to exercise and it is so enjoyable.

The Old Pier’s piles reflected in the calm waters of the bay

There was a hint of a sunset.
But it didn’t look anything special.
“I won’t bother taking the camera with me.”

Looking across the bay to Ruaig and the Rum Cuillin

“Wrong move.”
I had only taken a few steps.
I decided to turn back and collect the camera.

The calm waters of the bay in the setting sun

“Right move.”
The sky looked most promising.
With every step the sky took on the colours of sunset.

The pier’s long arm reaches out into the bay

“Wise move.”
Was I glad that I had turned back for the camera!
The only problem was deciding what colourful vista to capture.

The rays of the setting sun streak across the bay

The air was still.
The windsock on the pier hung limp.
It was so still any sound carried a long distance.
The noise from a fishing boat out in ‘the Passage’ could be heard.

The vessels hardly even bob up and down at their moorings

Several vessels were making use of the moorings in Gott Bay.
Milton Harbour is closed for major reconstruction.
Some of the vessels moor in the bay.

Ruaig and the Rum Cuillin from Pier View

The Rum Cuillin was particularly attractive.
Across the bay lay the crofting township of Ruaig.
Yet many miles separate Ruaig from the Island of Rum.
It was the sky above both that was so pleasing to the eye.

Gott Bay awash with the colour of sunset

At first you noticed the pier’s piles reflected in the water.
Then it was the sun’s rays streaking across the bay.
Then the bay taking on the hue of the setting sun.

An Turas – this evening a journey into the island’s sunset

The art work known as ‘An Turas’ means the journey.
It is meant to symbolise a journey into the island’s landscape.
This evening that journey took on the various hues of the sunset.

Big Bay – Big Sunset

It was difficult to tear yourself away and make your way home.
The colour, the stillness and the peace were magnetic.
I was hard to break the spell.

The sunset seen through the tall grass by An Turas

Even when approaching home it was very difficult to go in.
Perhaps, Just one more photograph and then another.
Can you have too many photograph’s of sunset?

Just minutes to go until the sun drops below the horizon

There would be few hours of darkness and perhaps very little sleep..
Some Tiree residents had set up camp on the shore of Gott Bay.
What an evening to be out enjoying one another’s company.

Just one more photograph before going indoors

Even at 11:35pm the colour of the sky exerted its pull.
Glancing out of the window the sky was a deep red.
Was it possible to capture the scene?

It’s 11:35pm and the sky is still a deep red

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.