Various family members have previously enjoyed a Tiree Sea Tour.
I had put off availing myself of this exciting opportunity
My chief concern was stepping on and off the rib.
I needn’t have given it a moment’s thought.
Frazer and Kris were on hand to help.
“Nae problem!”

The rib ‘Aurora’ alongside the slipway at the CalMac pier

Frazer and Kris make a great team.
On this occasion Frazer was our skipper.
Kris served as crew and informative guide.

Frazer and Kris on board the Auroa – enjoying the sunshine as they wait for their passengers

First of all we were kitted out with waterproof gear.
Then we were issued with the necessary life jackets.
When we were all ready there followed the safety briefing.

As we enter calm waters a hint of what was to come

From the off there was a real sense of exhilaration!
We certainly knew that we were on a rib.
Most of the seats are called jockey seats.
Today we were riding the waves.
‘The rises and falls!’

There is more bird life to Lunga than Puffins

At no extra charge we visited Scarinish Harbour.
We required extra fuel due to the conditions.
How we enjoyed Fraz and Kris’s banter.
Their humour is much appreciated.


After our detour we were off again.
There is no need to go to the fair for thrills.
It was a thrilling, exhilarating crossing to Lunga.

A head for heights

These three words encapsulate the trip.
We were welcomed by puffins as we entered calm waters.

Catch of the Day

Waterproofs and life jackets were discarded.
We clambered over the rocks and headed for the path.
We climbed up to a substantial area of grassy level ground.

Looking through one of the smaller Treshnish Isles to a sky filled with sea birds

It was another day of blue skies and crystal clear blue water.
We settled down to watch and photograph the puffins.
It hard to believe that they are so unbelievably close.

Mouth (Beak) Open WIDE please!

The puffins nest in burrows.
The fly off to fish for nutritious sandeels.
It was exciting seeing them fly back with a catch.
How quickly they land and enter their burrows to feed the pufflings.

A section of the towering Harp Rock from the sea

Today we chose not to visit Harp Rock.
Instead we visited the deserted village ruins.
At this location a week long bird count was in progress.
It was encouraging to hear positive reports of the numbers.

The Harp Rock with the the Dutchman’s Cap (Bac Mòr) in the background

All too soon we made our way back to the rib ‘Aurora’.
As we set off once again we made our way to Bac Mòr.
The island is better known by its nickname ‘The Dutchman’s Cap’.

A window with a view that is timeless

A big thanks to Skipper Fraser and his crew member Kris.
It was exhilarating – a real puffin adventure.
“I’ll certainly be returning.
Which tour is next?”

The ‘Cap’ close up – the far side unseen from Tiree

Today’s trip took place at the end of a week of sunshine.
On Wednesday Tiree was the sunniest place in the UK.
Beautiful sunny skies and crystal clear water.
And no over powering heat to contend with.
Today we reached a heady 18 degrees.

The return to Tiree and a fishing boat preparing to head out to sea

This is Ursula reporting as ‘Life on Tiree’.

Looking out over the Machair and across Gott Bay with the the Rum Cuillin providing the backdrop

It was a pleasure to meet a follower of Life on Tiree.
“Thanks for making yourself known.”

You Cannot Close yet.
We want an audience too.

Just Stretching
Another Mouthful
I like to hang out with the puffins
I want to be a Puffin too

That’s it for now.

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