A Wee Reminder

Last week Tiree lived up to its reputation.
It is regarded as one of the sunniest places in the UK.
On at least one day this past week it was the sunniest place.

Gott Bay – Gone Fishing!

Today the sky is overcast.
It helps to reflect on the week gone by.
To look back on some of the stunning sunsets.
At times there was a chilly north wind but the sun still shone.

These three views from last Sunday are a great reminder
This year the Machair has been particularly luxuriant.
All across the island the colour has been intense.
What an amazing blend of colours.

That same day a splash of colour down by the old harbour in Scarinish.
Careful and timely planting brought its rewards.
“Thank your gardener.”

Let the flag fly high

It is great to see the Tiree flag flying across the island.
(Apparently the MV Clansman is to fly the flag.)
Here it is by the lighthouse in Scarinish.

The Fishery Protection Vessel

On Monday thee was much speculation.
What was that mystery vessel sitting out in the bay?
The unmarked vessel was in fact a Fishery Protection ship.
Mystery solved!

The Paps of Jura

On Tuesday we woke up to a clear view of the Paps of Jura.
It was a view that was to last all through the day
How clear neighbouring islands were that day.

The Tiree Lodge Hotel

Talking of views!
What a magnificent outlook the Lodge hotel enjoys.
It looks out across the big beach that surrounds Gott Bay.
From the Hotel you look out across to Ben More on the Isle of Mull.

The LoganAir Twin Otter on its way to Glasgow

For those arriving and departing by plane what views.
From clear blue skies they looked down on Tiree.
An island surrounded by Azure waters.

To the South and East the sky turned pink

On Wednesday evening the island was surrounded by a pink glow.
The setting sun made its mark all around the island.
And what a gloamin’.

Recently someone talked to me about ‘the Golden Hour’.
Tuesday was marked by a real ‘Golden Hour’.
It was indeed a long hour!

When the Golden Hour is past

The Golden Hour is long gone.
At 11:15pm the sky took on other colours.
What a colourful reminder of the joys of this past week.

The sun bathed peaks of Mull and perhaps even beyond

Thursday evening’s walk was not just about distant peaks.
Peaks that were caressed by the setting sun.
There was much more to enjoy.

There was the abundant wild life.

And so many wild flowers.
“To name them all would take for hours.”
(To quote the well known song about Tiree)

The highlight of the week.
It has to be the Tiree Sea Tour to Lunga.
No wonder it is called a Puffin Adventure!
It comes highly recommended.

The sun sets over Gott Bay

What an action. passed week it has been.
A week characterised by sunshine and sunsets.
A rich landscape with abundant wild life and wild flowers.

Hauntingly beautiful

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’.

These stars of the past week keep popping up.
And why not?