Fèis Thiriodh 2019

Photographs from the Fèis Thiriodh Tutors’ Concert 2019

We were born and brought up in Scotland.
But we lived in the South of England for 40 years.
We never imagined a return to Scotland – far less a move to an island.

The stage is set for the Tutors’ Concert

On our move someone remarked that we would know the culture.
Island culture is distinctively different from Mainland culture.
And Scottish culture is very different from English.
We have had a steep learning curve.
And we are still learning.

MC for the evening – Josie Burgess

It goes without saying that families differ.
Likewise communities differ from one another.
Similarly islands have much in common but they differ from one another.
In many respects Scottish islands are all different and this is true culturally.

Ishbel Campbell

Homogenised is a word applied to milk.
In many ways it could be applied to society today.
Distinctives tend to be blended into one homogeneous mix.
In this mix the dominant culture often prevails over other cultures

Dr John Holliday accompanied by Ruairidh Morrison

In today’s world the pressure is on as never before.
It comes from increased travel opportunities and all the media:
the press in all its forms, television, radio, Internet and social media.

Finlay Johnston

Yet, no culture is static.
Islands are not museum exhibits.
However, culture, including island culture ought to be respected.

Gordon Connell and the band – just like old times

Fèis Thiriodh puts this very well in their mission statement.
‘The Tiree Fèis was established in 1990
to foster and promote the language,
culture and music of Tiree,
making it as relevant as ever
to the lifestyle of the present day
in a way which draws people of all ages.’

Mariri Innes and Anna MacDonald

Every July Fèis Thiriodh promote a week-long festival of traditional culture
with classes for young and old, and evenings filled with dances,
cèilidhs, lectures and walks.

Most of these traditions have been handed down through the medium of Gaelic,
and the Fèis try to use the language as much as possible
And there is no doubt that Tiree is rich in its culture –
ar dualchas – its traditional culture.

Great Music and Movements

Once again it was a joy and privilege to attend the Cèilidh an Luchd-Teagaisg
The Tutors’ Concert held in An Talla – the Community Hall, Crossapol.
What an amazing group of talented tutors.

Wilma Kennedy

Each tutor brought their own experience, talent and skill.
Mairi Innes, Ruairidh Morrison, Hamish MacLeod
Finlay Johnston, Jamie MacDonald, Wilma Kennedy
Dr John Holliday, Alasdair Satchel, Iain MacKinnon .
Josie Burgess, Màrtainn Skene, Anna MacDonald
Ishbel Campbell, Beth MacArthur,Eilish Brown

The Group photograph at the end of the evening

And now for a video clip to give just a taste of the concert.
Which included in its number the legendary Gordon Connell.

Gordon Connell

This is Life-on-Tiree.
Appreciating the richness of Tiree Culture

Jamie MacDonald

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