It’s TMF

It’s ‘TMF’.
The ferry is busy.
And the weather looks promising!

The weather for the festival looks promising this year

Earlier in the week the weather was dreich.
Low cloud meant no planes on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Add to that on Tuesday the ferry was delayed for technical reasons.
It was after 10:00pm on a wet evening before it arrived at the pier in Gott Bay.

Thursday’s ferry was only slightly behind schedule

On both Wednesday and Thursday there has been an additional sailing.
This is to accommodate the vehicular traffic generated by the festival.
On Thursday evening there were many foot passengers.

As the MV Clansman prepared to berth a fishing boat headed out to sea and the Aurora approached at speed

As the MV Clansman approached the pier a fishing boat was under way.
At the same time Tiree Sea Tours’ Aurora entered the bay at speed.
There was a calmness to the evening.
All that would change.

The ramp is lowered and the vehicles are released from their captivity

The vessel was brought alongside the pier and the ropes secured.
The stern ramp was lowered and the gangway was raised.
The vehicles rolled off and onto the island.

Once again the majority of the vehicles were motor homes

Once again the majority of the vehicles on board were motor homes.
The preponderance of motor-homes and caravans reduces the ferry’s capacity.
The total number of passengers on this evening’s crossing for Oban was 547 persons.

Only a few foot passengers descended via the gangway

Due to the number of foot passengers only a few descended via the gangway.
The majority left the vessel via the car deck once all the traffic was off.
This lead to a safe and orderly disembarkation.

Tiree Sea Tour’s Aurora powers out for its overnight berthing

It’s an impressive sight watching the foot passengers head up the pier.
They were carefully guided by pier staff onto the walkway.
Although you always get some who do it their way.

The roadway is meant to be clear.

It took some time for the foot passengers to descend to the car deck.
Then they had to walk over the link span.
Then walk up the pier approach.


Some wheel everything including no doubt the kitchen sink

Not everyone is a visitor to the island.
Among the passengers are islanders heading home.
But for festival goers Team Tiree is on hand to guide and advise.

Are Team Tiree expecting sunshine this year?

Some arrive prepared for anything.
Was it a festival goer who arrived with their kayak?
Some arrive with loaded trolleys and others with laden haversacks.

Whatever the weather they are prepared

“Straight ahead for the coaches!”
The fare to the festival site includes transfer of luggage.
Due to the vast numbers the coaches have to make several trips.

Stacking the vans with the festival goers luggage

The final passengers make their way up the footway.
The vehicles bound for Oban can safely make their way yo the ferry.
It will be around 11:00pm when the ferry berths at Oban Ferry Terminal;.

The pier staff did an excellent job once again.

Some festival goers had to wait around for a coach to the site.
Thankfully the weather was kind to them this evening.
They just had to be patient.

“when’s the next bus?”

Tomorrow, Friday, more patience will be required.
Those planning to make the crossing are in for a long wait.
The Barra ferry, the Isle of Lewis, has suffered a technical failure.
Once again the whole ferry network has been affected at this crucial time.

With the vessel secured the bow and midship ropes are released
  • CalMac advise that –
    The MV Clansman will not sail for Tiree at 6:15am.
    The amended timetable has a new departure time of 12 noon.
Oban bound

Friday 12th July
Due to ongoing technical issue else where in the network
the following amended timetable will operate:
Depart Oban 12:00 (Delayed 06:15)
Arrive Coll 14:40
Depart Coll 14:55 (Delayed 09:10)
Arrive Tiree 15:50
Depart Tiree 16:15 (Delayed 10:35)
Arrive Coll 17:10
Depart Coll 17:20 (Delayed 11:40)
Arrive Oban 20:00

See you tomorrow – just in time for the start of the festival

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