Driving towards the Baptist Church’s premises at Baugh, the skyline caught our attention. There was something haunting about the band of cloud wrapped around Ben Hynish and Ben Hough. and the NATS Radar Dome, known as the ‘Golf Ball’ stood out like a figure on top of a wedding cake.

Ben Hynish – Hauntingly Beautiful

The week long ‘J Files’ Holiday Club started this morning. There was time to photograph Ben Hynish and the unusual skyline. Looking out across the Passage of Tiree there was something of great interest. A tug boat was towing a pontoon towards Gott Bay. It was a case of photographing the scene and investigating later.

The Passage of Tiree had an air of mystery about it

About thirty children enthusiastically shared in a fun filled morning. A team of four from the Mainland joined with others from the Baptist Church in leading the club. Part way through the morning ‘Spy Derman’ asked the children to help him investigate the ‘J Files’.

Spy Derman interviews Peter the big fisherman in the case from the ‘J Files’

Club over for the day we set out for home, but first we had an investigation of our own. Yes! The tug and the pontoon were present in Gott Bay. The air was still and the water flat calm. With the air still a haze hung over the bay and the waters of the Passage of Tiree.

The Tug Boat and the Pontoon sits behind the moored yachts in Gott Bay

As we watched the tug COASTWORKER slowly propelled the pontoon CW3 with its crane towards the pier that was used before the era of roll on roll off.

The tug carefully propelled the pontoon towards.the pier

Next year, 2020, Tiree’s linkspan is being replaced. At Tiree the ferries lower their stern ramp onto the linkspan to enable vehicles to roll off the ferry and onto the island and vice versa.

A close-up of the tug and pontoon

Work has started in preparation for the replacement of the linkspan. Much of the work at present centres on the former pier which is being restored and brought back into service – in the first place to berth the barges which will carry out the work of replacing the linkspan and carry away the old linkspan.

The condemned pier that is being brought back into service

The main contractor for the pier works is George Leslie. The firm is also carrying out work at the island’s Milton Harbour. The tug today was supplied by Coastworks.

Tiree has a long approach to the actual pier and linkspan

There was a real feeling of intrigue about the day. The day was bright but the sun never fully broke through the haze. What a difference when the sun breaks through the clouds – it is transformative.

What a difference when the sun breaks through

This is Life on Tiree reporting on a day that was hauntingly beautiful and filled with enthusiasm and intrigue

It was a day when the water of Gott Bay was so calm