A Salute To Anne

On Friday 27th September 2019 the ships’s horn of the MV Clansman sounded as it pulled away from the pier and headed out to sea. The action was a salute to ‘Anne’ who has been in charge of the pier office for 24+ years. She was approached to take up the role by the former Pier Master ‘Roddy’ in 1995. For Anne working in the office was a dream come true.

‘Anne’ at her work-station on her last day at work – before hanging up her CalMac Jacket

Anne grew up on Tiree and understandably had a fascination with all things ‘MacBrayne’s’. One of her earliest memories was travelling on board the ‘MV Lochearn’ to the Tobermory Games. Like many on the island, the ‘Claymore’, with all its nooks and crannies, to explore was a firm favourite.

The ‘Claymore’ – from the archives

Without seeking to cause offence – the crew of the ‘Clansman” and ‘LOTI’ (MV Lord of the Isles) will always hold a special place in her heart.

The MV Lord of the Isle approaching Tiree pier in March 2015

In the winter of our first year on Tiree, the MV Hebridean Isles faced some challenging sea conditions. Many felt that the vessel was inadequate for the crossing to Coll and Tiree. However, on the ‘Heb Isles’ last turn of duty that winter, Anne remarked, “She has done us proud.”

“She did us proud!”

Looking back Anne expresses great admiration for the Masters and crew of the various ships whom she has seen battling all kinds of weather in seeking to berth safely at Tiree.

Battling all kinds of weather

A short time ago her colleagues in Tiree and Coll organised a retirement night out at the Coll Hotel. She says that it was a truly amazing experience. Those who could travelled on board the Clansman while others at the end or the beginning of their duty travelled by the Tiree Sea Tour’s rib the Aurora.

A big thanks to all for their generous gifts and kindness

On her last working day at the pier, the Master of the Clansman, on this occasion Norrie MacDonald from Skye, came up to the pier office with another member of the crew to give Anne a retirement gift. Anne has been overwhelmed by all the kindness shown to her.

No longer required.

Anne has carried out her responsibilities professionally. There was much more to her role that simply dealing with bookings. Her voice could often be heard over the radio between the pier office and the ship’s bridge.

A bow in the sky arcs over the bay and the office as Anne retires

“Thank you Anne for your many years of faithful service in the office. May you have many happy years of retirement as you embark on the next stage of your life.” Thankfully a worthy successor has been found to take up the reins in the office.

A sunset just for the occasion as Anne takes leave of her colleagues

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