Another Tiree Special

As we sat down to tea, at the end of what had been a day of uninterrupted bright sunshine, an orange glow filled the room. Looking out of our west facing window the golden globe could be seen just as it was about to drop below the horizon.


Tea over, and the sky still light, there was time to walk down to the pier and back. The air was still pleasantly warm with just a hint of a chill coming with the sun dropping in the west.

The view taking in the pier office

All was quiet down by the pier. The only sound that could be heard was the gentle lapping of the waves of the extremely high tide.

So many different colours from the artist’s palette

Whatever direction you chose to look the sky was full of colour – so many different hues and shades.

Just a fraction of the big bay

What a panorama!

On Fire

As the sun sunk lower it almost seemed as if the sky and sea were on fire. From the pier it looked as if the office was on fire, as did the houses close by.

Don’t call the fire brigade!

Meeting someone in their garden they remarked, “Where else but Tiree” as we remarked on the dramatic sky

Mist creeping across the field

Looking across a near by field we could see an evening mist flooding across the landscape. It was obvious that it was mist but it gave the appearance of a newly formed loch.

Sheep gently grazing before the loch of mist

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.