Island life demands flexibility. You need to be prepared to change your plans. Our son who had spent Christmas and New Year with us on Tiree had made arrangements to travel by ferry today, Thursday the 2nd of January, to Oban and then onwards the following day to Glasgow. However, due to the stormy weather the ferry is cancelled.

Stormy scene down by Scarinish Old Harbour

For several days stormy weather had been forecast to continue, so it was no surprise when Thursday’s sailing was put on an alert of possible disruption or cancellation. On New Year’s Day an amended timetable for the 2nd of January, involving a much later sailing, was announced.

Waves crashing over the rocks at Scarinish Old Harbour

At 5:35am the alert was still in place for an amended table with the possibility of cancellation at short notice. Then later in the morning word came through that Thursday’s sailing had been cancelled. A change of plans was required. Thankfully our son had been prepared to fly if necessary. There are one a few seats on the Twin Otter plane and he had secured the last one. He should still be able to catch his train in Glasgow.

Ever changing colours

When the rain finally ceased for an hour or two we ventured out for a walk. One look at the sea conditions and we could understand why today’s sailing had been cancelled. It was certainly a bracing walk with the wind coming from the SSW. Conversation was extremely difficult.

For those who have of necessity to travel by ferry the next sailing is on Saturday. Aside from the stormy conditions there is no Friday sailing to either Coll or Tiree.

Waves rolling in on one of the beaches at Scarinish

CalMac have advised that due to cancellations on Thursday 2nd January an amended timetable will operate on Saturday the 4th of January.
Depart Oban: 0500 Arrive Tiree: 0820
Depart Tiree: 0840 Arrive Coll: 0935
Depart Coll: 0950 Arrive Oban: 1230
Depart Oban: 1300 Arrive Coll: 1540
Depart Coll: 1550 Arrive Tiree: 1645
Depart Tiree: 1705 Arrive Oban: 2025
For those travelling from Oban on Saturday it will be an early start!

The breakers keep rolling in

Life on Tiree means being prepared to change your plans at short notice. According to the forecast there will be a lull in the stormy weather on Saturday. If the forecast is accurate it looks like next Monday and Tuesday could see winds gusting to over 50mph. It is increasingly looking likely that we will need to change our travel plans.


With all the rain the ground is extremely wet and this makes life particularly difficult for the island’s crofters.

Stormy clouds

This is Life on Tiree in stormy conditions.