A Wee Reminder

Once again the slates on our roof have been doing a merry dance. More than once during the the early hours of Friday we were wakened by the sound. A mixture of hail and rain added to the cacophony and lasted well into the morning. In fact the sound of rattling tiles carried on throughout most of Friday. Therefore it is time for a wee reminder.

Ben More from Heylipol

Thursday was a welcome interlude between Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. It was calm and sunny and it was a pleasure to cross much of the island by car. Late afternoon and at Heylipol the view across to Ben More on Mull was a wee reminder of why Tiree is so special whatever the season. The colours were those of late afternoon in winter. From a snow free Tiree you look out on a snow capped Ben More.

The view of the distant Paps of Jura from Paterson’s Corner, Crossapol

On the way back to Scarinish the Paps of Jura came into view on the approach to Paterson’s Corner, Crossapol. So at Paterson’s Corner the car came to a standstill in order to capture the view of the snow capped ‘Paps’ to serve as a wee reminder for when the sky turns grey and threatening. It never ceases to amaze that the view across the fence to the distance ‘Paps’ is some fifty miles.

Ben More from Paterson’s Corner

At the same corner but over a different fence the view was of the Dutchman’s Cap’ and the snow capped Ben More. The dusting of snow on the Ben hinted at the setting sun.

Looking across Baugh Beach from Crossapol to the Rum Cuillin

What a contrast from earlier in the week when Storm Ciara drove powerful breakers into Baugh Beach and the spindrift was amazing.  From well up the Kenovay Road going towards the Airport the spindrift could be seen rising over the dunes. On Thursday it was all so different – like a completely different place. The lens shortens the distance bringing into view the Tiree Medical Practice, the Tyree Pottery ,the BT Tower and in the distance the Rum Cuillin.

Baugh Beach from Crossapol

Storm Brendon did considerable damage to the dunes along several beaches including Baugh Beach.  On Thursday afternoon the tide was well out and the wet sand gave the appearance of a gigantic mirror. The sand and sea reflecting the blue skies overhead.

The Reef

Although Thursday was dry and bright the recent heavy rain has flooded much of the the Reef. Friday’s rainfall has done nothing to lower the small ‘lochs’ at the east and north ends of the Reef – and there is more heavy rainfall forecast for over the weekend.  Driving across the Reef the Rum Cuillin was to be clearly seen. The wet weather makes life very difficult for the crofters and their livestock.

From Baugh the view across to the Dutchman’s Cap and Ben More

At the turnoff for the Tyree Pottery at Baugh the road briefly rises.and affords a view across to the Dutchman’s Cap and Ben More.  Here at Millport is a very new build with panoramic windows that afford spectacular views across the Passage of Tiree. Whatever the weather calm or stormy there ia drama.

Gott Bay and the Rum Cuillin

Back in Scarinish there is a wee reminder of earlier in the afternoon when the MV Lord of the Isles arrived at the pier in Gott Bay.  Whether waiting for the ferry to arrive or from on board the ferry the view would take in Gott Bay. The view here is across to Ruaig and the backdrop is the Rum Cuillin.

MV Lord of the Isles

The wind that has gusted around our house today, often over 50mph and at times over 60mph, is a reminder Thursday’s two sailings would be the last appearance of the ferry for a few days. Friday’s gusts have heralded the coming of Storm Dennis. Saturday’s sailing to Coll and Tiree has already been cancelled and there is little doubt that Sunday’s ferry will also be cancelled. On Friday the view from our south facing windows was dramatic. We sat at breakfast going “Wow!” as we witnessed the waves crashing down on the rocky foreshore. Whatever the weather we appreciate living on the Isle of Tiree.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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