Lifeline Services

CALMAC – Ferry Service

CalMac introduces Essential Lifeline Timetable in light of Covid-19 outbreak
A new reduced timetable, which runs for an initial three-week period,
comes amidst a lockdown on all but essential travel across the UK.
It will be subject to continual review in a rapidly changing environment.

MV Lord of the Isles alongside Tiree’s pier on 26th March

Please check the service status of this route before you travel.

From Friday 27th March the Timetable provides for a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday sailing.
Departing Oban 7:15 and arriving Tiree at 11:05
Departing Tiree at 11:35 and arriving Oban at 15:25

This could change at any time so please check with CalMac 

MacKinnon Haulage of Tiree with essential traffic

Thursday 26th March
What a beautiful sunny morning.
Yet, strangely there was hardly any traffic.
Importantly It appeared to be only essential vehicles

MacLennan Motors bring vital foodstuffs and more

Tiree Airport
vital information

Scarinish – Inbound flight from Glasgow via Campbelltown on Thursday 26th March

March 26, 2020

Following the strict measures announced by the Prime Minister and the First Minister on March 23, we have been liaising closely with Scottish Government and aviation partners to ensure its airports can continue their unique role in providing lifeline services for our communities, now and into the future.
It is important HIAL does all it can to limit the spread of infection, protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and have the necessary resilience in place to maintain its ability to service essential and emergency flights.
In order to maintain these vital air links, we have made the difficult, but necessary, decision to close all our airports to scheduled flights and routine general aviation traffic with effect from Sunday, March 29, 2020.
Our communities, in particular those on the islands, rely on our airports for vital services and we are currently working with Transport Scotland and Loganair to agree a skeleton schedule that will ensure our airports continue to provide lifeline and essential services, including NHS passenger transfer, the Royal Mail and the oil and gas industry.
Our airport managers will implement contingency arrangements to ensure our airports continue to operate as required.


LoganAir Flight landing at Tiree Airport (Library File)

Here on Tiree it is a day of bright and relatively warm sunshine.
How grateful we are for those working on these lifeline services.
This is true for those on the ferries, planes and the staff at the pier and airport.

MV Lord of the Isles 26/03/2020

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’

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