‘A Weekend of Celebrations’ – Some, especially on the Mainland, celebrated the slight easing of lockdown. Some perhaps celebrated a weekend of bright warm sunshine. There is no doubting the fact that the sunshine was welcome and made exercising on the Isle of Tiree a pleasure. We even spotted one family on the beach at Scarinish having a barbecue.

Signage at Brock Car Park

With the fine weather we went for a most enjoyable walk around Ruaig, Sgibinis and back along Gott Bay. Since lockdown we have never ventured far outside the crofting township of Scarinish. Consequently we have not had to fill the car with petrol, since it has hardly been used. So for a change we took the car the short distance from our home to the east end of Gott Bay and parked at the car park at Brock.

The View across the bay towards the pier and Scarinish

From the Machair of the official car park we looked across the bay towards the pier and our home in Scarinish

The view towards the Radar Station at Ben Hynish

The sun was dancing on the waters of the bay as we admired the view towards Ben Hynish

The view towards Ben Hough

With it being towards low tide the vast expanse of sand was evident as we looked towards Ben Hough.

The history behind the cottages at the sub-crofting township of Brock may be sad but there is something very attractive, as they sit nestled at the east end of Gott Bay, not far from the high water line. Instead of walking along Gott Bay we took the track that heads east and then onto the road that runs the length of Ruaig and down to Sgibinis (Skipinnish).  On our travels we met the Tiree Ranger, naturally remembering to keep our distance – nothing personal – just following the guidelines. [Jason and Nicola please note!]

Cattle and Sheep do more than add to the view

Other than ‘The Ranger’ did not meet another person on our walk. With the yellow iris in full bloom and the flowers on the Machair bursting forth it made for a colourful walk.

What a bright sunny afternoon

As we made our way towards Tràigh Crionaig and Port Sgibinis we looked across the Passage of Tiree towards the Paps of Jura. Some 56 miles distant we clearly could see their distinctive outline against the southern horizon.

The end of the road – with a view of the Paps of Jura

From Tràigh Crionaig the view across the ‘Passage’ was of the Isle of Mull with its mighty Ben More. It is only went 23 miles distant.

The tidal island of Soa

Much closer to hand is the tidal island of Soa. It is only possible to cross over for a very short time at low water

Grass appears to be in short supply

Some local lamb comes pre-salted. The ewe and her lambs were quite willing to pose for the photograph.

A hare that didn’t just hare off into the distance

As we made our way back home we spotted a hare sitting on the Machair. Unusually it did not hare off into distance. It was a great culmination to our afternoon excursion.

The Memorial in Pier Road as the sun began to sink in the west

There was little doubt that it was going to be a colourful sunset and a stunning gloamin’. So just before 10:00pm we headed down to the pier to watch this celebratory sunset. Click on the gallery that follows for larger pictures.

It was a weekend of celebrations and Sunday marked the Birthday of the Church.
Tiree Baptist Church hosted its Sunday Gathering on Zoom.
The church reached out on video beyond Tiree
to Oban, Glasgow and to the wider world.

Week by week the gathering goes out live.
Later the Sunday Gathering is posted online for those unable to zoom in.
Feel free to watch the Video – Your are most welcome.
You may want to join us one Sunday.

Sunday’s Celebratory Sunset

Having spent over forty years ministering in the south of England our family all live and work in England. However, thanks to modern technology (zoom) we were able to celebrate a birthday party online. Greetings had arrived on Tiree in all kinds of ways. We are so grateful to so many who sent greetings and gifts and made it a very special day in spite of lockdown. To cap it all there was an even more colourful sunset and colourful Gott Bay. So one final gallery. Once again double click for larger photographs.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’