An Antidote

It is as if the weather knows that it is the school holidays. Do not misunderstand, we have had some very enjoyable weather, but this evening is dreich. The morning started out damp, the afternoon improved and with some sunshine we took the opportunity to drive over to Soroby beach for a walk. We were pleased to see that it is still there! This comment was inspired by our 7 year old grandson, who on a recent outing during lockdown was pleased to see that the baker’s shop was still around the corner.

Looking out to the Passage of Tiree from Millport (Scarinish)

At present the garden is being watered and visibility is on the low side  An antidote is required. So here goes. Less than 24 hours before it was such a pleasant evening that we decided to go for a brief walk, little realising that it was almost 10:00pm. The decision had been made not to take the  camera and we soon realised that it was a mistake. The moon had risen and it appeared to be a full moon. Not far off it was 98%.

Scarinish Old Harbour

We struck out across the Machair towards the Old Harbour. The actual pier had been renovated about two years ago and over the past few weeks the basin has had a considerable amount of time and effort spent on it. It is looking very smart indeed.

Lighthouse View

From the harbour we made our way to the lighthouse where we stopped to appreciate the view of the setting sun. It was obvious the clouds would mean that we would not be able to observe the sun drop below the horizon.

Harbour View

It was time to retrace our steps and to make our way first across the sand that forms the harbour basin. From there we were afforded a colourful view of the late evening sky. Then it was back across the Machair and home for our supper.

This is Tiree, on the West Coast of Scotland.

At this time of the year it is so difficult to guess the time. This is equally true if you happen to wake early, or if you glance out of the window around 11:00pm. The colour of the sky at that late hour acted like a magnet that drew me out to capture the view over Gott Bay.” As if I had never seen it before!” But then every sunset is different, especially when it is around 11:00pm.

A magnetic view – the view past the Manse and Glebe House

No matter the weather tomorrow, we have something bright to look forward to – the Sunday Gathering. It is hosted by Tiree Baptist Church on Zoom and then a recording is posted on Facebook. You are most welcome to come along.

Login details can be had from the Church Secretary by telephoning 01879 220633‬.