Say What You See

No! Lockdown and social distancing has not been all too much
It’s just I thought that we might commence with a game.
You could call it ‘Catch Phrase’ or ‘Dingbats’.
‘Just say what you see.’

Just say what you see

Well! Did you work it out?
Was the clue  too easy for you?
Anywhere the phrase is, ‘Just in case’.

Look to the skies!

The mad moment struck on Wednesday afternoon when out walking.
A second wave occurred on Wednesday evening around sunset.
I suddenly thought ‘Just in Case’.

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I was not trying to be cruel by selecting a suitcase.
It was out of consideration that the phrase sprung to mind.
‘Just in case’ you might be missing Tiree’s stunning sunsets.
‘Just in case’ you might be missing Tiree’s amazing skies at this time.
Over the past few days our big open skies have been seen to good effect.

A panoramic view of the sky above Scarinish

Wednesday’s big skies with their cloud formations were impressive.
However, the sunset that evening was just as impressive.
And! The gloamin’ lasted well beyond 11:00pm.

Ben More on the Isle of Mull

At sunset and into the gloamin’ the island was surrounded by pink skies.
To the east Ben More stood out against the pink sky and clouds.
Tiree may be low lying but we look out on mountains.

Yes! There have been wet days and grey days.
We also have had some beautiful sunny days and blue skies.
When there is only a hint of a breeze it has even felt warm – for Tiree.

The sun dropping below the horizon

At sunset it is safe to walk down the pier.
At that time of day the ferry has long gone back to Oban.
And the workman refurbishing the old pier have clocked off for the day.

The gloamin’ will last well past 11:00pm

Three landmarks stood out that evening against the pink sky.
There was Ben More on the Isle of Mull.
There was the Memorial in Pier Road.
The lighthouse at the harbour.

It’s Thursday and amazing skies continue.
Well at least for the hours from sunrise until noon.
Clouds have begun to gather but it is still a very pleasant day.

At present there is only 1 flight a day from Glasgow via Campbeltown.
This morning as we were out walking the plane landed.
Then it took off for Glasgow and passed overhead.

The Old Harbour, Scarinish

Just in case you are missing the harbour at Scarinish
Almost every day we pass this particular spot on our daily walk.
This morning the sun was dancing on the sparkling blue waters.

The sun dancing on the wavelets

The short walk down the brae affords view towards the ‘Paps of Jura’.
That is the brae from Post Office to the Harbour.
So just in case you might have forgotten . .  .
Here is that view.

The distant Paps of Jura – 50 miles away

Just in case you haven’t yet caught up on the news.
Scotland is moving into Phase Three of Scotland’s route map out of lockdown.
CalMac have confirmed their new timetable with 5 sailings a week to Tiree.
Additionally, capacity although still limited, it will be increased.
This requires a photograph of the MV Clansman.
Why not a gallery!

Just in case you have forgotten we have great views of the Isle of Rum.
This morning the view across Gott Bay towards Rum was so clear.
What a morning! What views!

The Isle of Rum from Scarinish

Just in case you have never been to Tiree – you are more than welcome.
You may not manage this year but God willing there will be another year.
Once you have visited you may well come back time and time again.
You might even choose to live here.
We did.

Haste ye back

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’

CalMac have issued this important update.

Customer Update 26 June 2020 – Timetables and Bookings
Earlier this week, our Managing Director, Robbie Drummond shared an update about the introduction on the next phase of our timetable, along with details on how we are managing COVID19 regulations and restrictions.
We are pleased to now publish the next phase of our timetable. This will be in operation from 1 July 2020 until 14 July 2020. Bookings will be available for this timetable from 30 June 2020 at 9am.
The following phase of our timetable will run from 15 July until 18 October, coinciding with the timings of the Scottish Government’s route map, which guides the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions. We will publish this on 2 July 2020, and bookings will open on a rolling two-week window from that date.
This ensures we can carry the optimal number of passengers, while implementing Scottish Government guidelines – including social distancing.
For example:
From 9am on 30 June bookings will open for 1 July – 14 July.
At 9am on 2 July when the next phase of our timetable is published (for period 15 July – 18 October), bookings will be open up to 15 July.
At 9am on 3 July, bookings will be open up to 16 July, and so on.

Today’s updated timetable, and the following phase (15 July – 18 October) include more frequent sailings and will increase available capacity for customers right across the network. We are implementing guidelines and safety measures – including social distancing. They’re designed to keep customers and crew safe and they dictate the number of passengers we can carry. Our capacity per vessel is limited because of these safety measures. Should they change, our capacity per vessel will also change.