The Unexpected

Tuesday the 4th of August was a stormy day, both wet and windy.  The ferry was on an alert of possible disruption and berthing at Coll and Tiree was not guaranteed.  Even with fins (stabilisers) those who travelled to the island on Tuesday certainly knew that they were on board a ship. They were no doubt relieved to be safely ashore – thankful to be on Tiree.

The Twin Otter on the stand at Tiree Airport

Tuesday’s weather was accompanied by poor visibility and this led to the cancellation of the flight from Glasgow Airport.  This could have been disastrous for members of a wedding party meant to be travelling on that flight. The following day’s flight was almost fully booked but thankfully Loganair put on an an additional flight on Wednesday.  So it was that just after noon we went to collect Mrs Life-on-Tiree from the airport following her appointment in Glasgow the previous day.

In the afternoon we were able to enjoy a walk along Balephuil beach. By the end of our walk the cloud base had dropped and we were pleased that both planes hd arrived earlier in the day. There was a strong possibility that a landing would have been out of the question if it had been late afternoon.

Just after 8:00pm we headed by car to Brock by Gott Bay. The plan was to have a walk by Ruaig and Gott Bay. Unexpectedly as we rounded a corner that afforded a view across the bay we caught sight of a steam yacht lying at anchor. Boat International states, ‘Step back in time to the Roaring Twenties with FAIR LADY. A truly authentic classic, this distinguished charter yacht was built in 1928 and retains her exquisite period features, alongside the latest communications and technology.’  She had arrived from Dunstaffnage (near Oban) and was sailing on to Barra via Coll. With the arrival of the luxury yacht MY V6 (KY) over the weekend, it appears those with expensive tastes are heading for the waters surrounding Tiree and anchoring in Gott Bay.

What a colourful palette

All the way along the foot path and short road stretch leading to Sgibinis and Tràigh Crionaig we kept glancing back over our shoulders to admire the colour of the sky. As we approached Tràigh Crionaig we were asked if we had come across a pet goose on our walk.  Sadly we were unable to help. By this time the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky. It was here that we stopped to photograph the wild flowers with the sunset as a backdrop.

A boat with a view

As we turned into Gott Bay to head back towards our car parked at Brock we were walking into the sunset. What an unexpected treat the evening was turning out to be. As we headed along the beach we noticed a couple coming towards us and they had company.

Guess who was walking towards us!

It was the missing pet goose that had followed them all the way from Sgibinis!
What an inquisitive fella!

Here’s hoping our goose managed the walk home.

At one point we came across tyre tracks
that appeared to lead directly into the waters of the bay.
What had happened to the vehicle and its occupants?
For consideration – this was a really high tide!

Where did the vehicle go one wondered!

What an unexpected end to the day.

As far as weather is concerned, I don’t know what we had expected for Thursday.
It was a sun drenched walk from our home to and from the west end of the bay.

Surfers and gulls making the most of the conditions

This is the life.

Life on Tiree!