Colour Supplement

As promised in the previous post here is the colour supplement.
The warm sunny weather continued into Monday evening.
In fact it has continued into Tuesday.

Balephuil Beach and Kenavara

On Monday morning we took advantage of the weather.
We climbed Ben Hynish in bright sunshine.
What views we enjoyed.

Late afternoon and a Saab Climbs away from Tiree Airport

It was late afternoon when the second plane of the day returned to Glasgow.
There was the distinct sound of a Saab when it passed overhead.
This is the background to the ‘Colour Supplement’.

The Tiree flag set against the sunset

Anticipating a sunset we drove from Scarinish to Balephetrish.
What we did not anticipate was just how colour it would be.
It was a truly memorable occasion.

Arriving at Balephetrish

We parked at the Kenovay end of the road and dropped onto the beach

A view across the bay to the Isle of Rum

The colour of the sunset highlighted the Isle of Rum.

As we walked along the beach we stopped.
We kept turning to look back on the view.

Two walkers cross the beach with a dog

Apart from two people walking their dog
we had the beach to ourselves

It was as we climbed off the beach that the sky dramatically changed.

The drama unfolds

What an evening!
Thankfully the midges were not out!

Suddenly the platte changes

We decided to return by the Kenovay Road and the Reef.
We never imagined the colour would follow us all the way home.

The view from the Kenovay Road

From the Kenovay Road we drove through Crossapol and onto the Reef

The view across the Reef

Every so often we had to bring the car to halt.
We just had to stop and admire the sky.

The view from the crest of the road at Baugh

One stop had to be the crest of the road at Baugh

The view from Baugh towards Ben Hough

The gloamin’ went on and on.

The view of Ben Gott from Home

On such an evening you feel reluctant to go indoors.

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’

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