What Wonderful Weather

You can almost tell the schools are back – the weather is wonderful!
What an amazing weekend it has been – almost too calm on occasions.
It is a sure sign when the midges make an appearance on the Isle of Tiree.
Kenneth McKellar recorded a song about these wee but monstrous beasties.
The midges, the midges, I’m no gonnae kid ye’s,
The midges is really the limit,
Wi teeth like pirhanas, they drive ye bananas,
If ye let them get under yer simmit!

On Saturday the waters of Gott Bay were so calm.
There was hardly a ripple across the surface.
What a contrast with the previous Tuesday.

‘Beside still waters’

Tuesday was indeed stormy.
The ferry had been on an alert of possible disruption.
The weather over the weekend was more like he had anticipated.

Saturday’s sunset from Vaul

Later on Saturday evening we drove to Vaul to capture the sunset.
To add to the drama we were able to watch it set behind the Outer Hebrides.
All around, wherever you looked, the sky had taken on the colours of sunset.

Sunday afternoon was an opportunity to go Ben bagging!
Our son wanted to ascend the giddy heights of Ben Hough.
Strictly speaking we walked up the private road that leads to Beinn Mhurstat.


We set up base camp in the shadow of Ben Hough.
(In other words that is where we parked the car.)
The view of Kenavara was remarkably clear.
This is the third highest of our ‘bens’.


The walk up Beinn Mhurstat  is short and steep.
On this occasion we could see so many of the Outer Hebrides.
In fact we enjoyed an outline view of most of the neighbouring islands.
Approximately 12 miles south west is Stevenson’s impressive Skerryvore Lighthouse.
A Tiree Sea Tour’s trip to the Lighthouse on An Sgeir Mhor is highly recommended.

The distant Skerryvore Lighthouse

Tiree is famous for its wild flowers.
In the words of the song by Moira Kerr.
There are so many wild and pretty flowers,
To try to name them all would take for hours.

Wild Flowers abound on the Mount

From the summit we could see across most of the island.
We took a number of photographs of the wrap around view.
it was enjoyable afterwards trying to identify various locations.
On one particular shot we could just about make out our own home.

Tiree High/Primary School and Loch Loch Basapol

Close to the summit of Mhurstat is a NATS station.
From the actual summit we looked cross to Ben Hough’s summit.
On this occasion we decided not to cross over from one to the other.

The summit of Ben Hough

From Beinn Mhurstat we also looked across to Ben Hynish.
Ben Hynish is Tiree’s Big Ben at at 462 feet.
This would be Monday’s challenge!

Ben Hynish with its Radar Station

On the way home we remarked on how clear the view was across to Mull,
Not only that we could make out numerous Mainland peaks.
What a wonderful weekend.

The view across to Mull from Crossapol

Monday was yet another day of fine sunny weather.
Yes! We took up the challenge to ascend Ben Hynish.
Family  in England were having to endure temperatures in the thirties.
It was warm and bright on Ben Hynish but certainly not oppressive!

Ben Hough

On the climb we looked across to the previous day’s adventure.
Now Balephuil bay and beach is favourite with our son.
From Ben Hynish we look down on Balephuil.

Kenovara and Balephuil

The climb is certainly worth it.
Once again there is a wrap around view.
As well as the radar station there is an old trig point.
A great spot to photograph your successful ascent of the Big Ben.

The NATS Radar Station or Golf Ball

At present the weather forecast for Tiree is for more of the same.
But with weather it is normally a case of wait and see.
Especially out in the Atlantic!

Just some of the flowers we encountered on Ben Hynish.
We could hardly have anticipated the glorious end to the day.
But that will have to be the colour supplement or yet another post.

An island land and seascape

Looking across to distant mountain peaks.
Somewhere in the view is our home.
No prize for spotting it.

This is Life on Tiree


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