The Return of Summer

It’s Friday and it feels like the return of Summer to the Isle of Tiree. It has been a good week of weather, especially when you consider it is Mid-October. Today has been particularly bright and warm, when ytou take into account that this is October.

Autumn Glory

A real feature of the past week has been the orange glow that has filled our south facing windows in the early morning and our west facing window in the early evening. On the Isle of Tiree there are few trees to take on Autumn’s colourful mantle and there is almost no opportunity to enjoy kicking fallen leaves. However, we have appreciated the autumn colours as they flooded in to our living room bring with them the sense of ‘Autumn glory’.

Scarinish Old Harbour at first light

Since mid June we returned to shopping for ourselves at the CO-OP and have made a point of trying to only go there one or two times a week, We decided to shop on a Friday and to go around 7:15am. It has proved to be a wise deision as apart from one or two other early shoppers the store is nomally quiet at that hour of the day.

The glow over Ben More on the Isle of Mull

Out of consideration for the safety of those working in the shop only one of us goes inside. I am normally left in the car but this morning I stepped outside in order to observe the sun slowly rise. At first there was that distinct glow over Mull. The sand in the harbour was one of the few things in that area that reflected the first light.

A Panormaic View

We were home well before sunrise this morning as sunrise was not until after 8:00am. In fact the shopping was out of the car and indoors and the porridge was on the cooker before the decision was made to cross over to the memorial and try to capture the sunrise.

The Memorial just off Pier Road

Perhaps it was because it was tired or perhaps because if is a good viewing point a gull was perched on top of the memorial. (Not the most respectful place to rest.) Once again there was that distinct orange glow.

The sun just popping up over the headland

I did not linger as I promised to be back in time to enjoy my porridge before it went cold. I made it! The porridge was just arriving at the breakfast table.

Sunrise over the Passage of Tiree

Once again this week the sky over Tiree was so blue. There were clouds, but they were mainly over the neighbouring islands. It was too good to be shut inside. So around 11:20 we made our way down to the pier area. What a clear view we had of the Paps of Jura.

The distant Paps of Jura

It never ceases to amaze me that the ‘Paps of Jura’ are over fifty miles away and yet once againwe had such a clear view of them. We might not be able to see any detail but the sight of them is thrilling.

Down on the beach the birds were making the most of the low tide

It was an extremely low tide. We were able to walk along sand that would normally be covered by water and to see rock formations normally hidden from view.

A rock face normally hidden from view

The low tide made it possible to watch the MV Clansman head back out to sea from a different vantage point.

Whatever the weather be it sunny or stormy the ‘Mighty One’ (the MV Clasnsman) looks majestic, especially with the backdrop of Ben More on the Isle of Mull.

The ‘Mighty One’

While we were in the vacinity of the pier we took the opportunity to see the progress on the ongoing work. It certainly was a hive of activity. The wrorkforce were making the most of the calm weather and low tide.

We do enjoy watchong others at work!

What a beautiful day it has been. It has felt like a Summer’s day – warm and bright. It was an occasion to at least open the coat and let the warmth in.

The sun dancing on the blue sea

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.