‘Mellow Yellow’ or ‘Vibrant Yellow’? – That is the question. It is as if someone has had a riotous time painting the landscape. Although there is a vibrancy, upon reflection I will stick to the word mellow for the yellow blends in with the land and seascape.

Looking out over the Machair to Gott Bay

Wow! Did it feel it feel warm on Wednesday on the Isle of Tiree. The Met Office recorded a temperature of 21 degrees. Surrounded by the sea and with a cloudless blue sky it felt even warmer. It was no coincidence that suddenly it appeared that the island was a blaze of colour.

By the roadside at Gott

The following few days did not quite match up to Wednesday. However, on Sunday we woke up to a bright blue sky. We were struck by the mellow yellow of the Machair as we made our way across the island from Scarinish to Crossapol. For the first time since lockdown began in March 2020, we (Tiree Baptist Church) were able to meet together in An Talla, the island’s community hall, for our Sunday Gathering. Some folks joined the gathering by Zoom, while still others would watch the recording.

It’s got to be Gott

In the afternoon we set out to enjoy the Machair. We took the car to visit more of the island than we could do if we had gone on foot. You would almost think that someone had been out with a paint brush and paint. Yellow was the predominant colour but there was also green and white. Look closer and other more subtle colours are to be seen by the observant eye.

Looking across thee Machair towards Hillcrest, Balephetrish

We headed towards Gott and on to Balephetrish. From there we continued to Balevullin, then on to Hough and Sandaig. We returned via Barrapol, Heylipol, Crossapol, across the Reef to Baugh, and back to Scarinish.

Balephetrish Bay

Below are just a few photographs of the mellow yellow of the Marvellous Machair for which Tiree is justly famous. 

By Balevullin
By Balevullin
By Balevullin

There is a popular song about Tiree that includes the lines,
There are so many wild and pretty flowers
To try to name them all would take for hours
It is a song that I particularly appreciate.

A splash of colour at the foot of Ben Hough

There was a surprise in store for us in Kilkenneth – a hare that did not suddenly take off at speed when the car stopped. This one is the genuine article – there is no fake fur here, unlike the banner photograph.

No ‘Fake Fur’ here

This particular hare was keen for you to know that he is not an imposter unlike the interloper in the banner photograph of Balephetrish Bay. He is the genuine article and not fake fur.

Can you spot my pal in the Machair?
Looking back towards Ben Hough
Looking towards the Maze
The view from Greenhill

Gorse makes an idea boundary marker

And so we make our way to Crossapol before heading back to Scarinish.

Tiree’s Colourful Playpark – recently refurbished

Tiree’s Playpark has recently been refurbished and has new equipment. Even the grass has been given a touch of colour. It is a park with a clear view of the sea.

The view from the PlayPark across the road to Baugh Beach

The day finished mellow with only a hint of yellow. There was hardly a breath of wind. The yacht that slipped into Gott Bay after 10:00pm had to rely on its onboard motor rather than its sails.

Mellow with a hint of yellow

Finally here on Tiree we even have a ‘Yellow Hare’.
Yes! It is very definitely yellow.
It is the Yellow Hare down by the pier head.
Coffee – Cakes and Gifts are to be had here.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

A hint of yellow amidst the colours of sunset over Gott Bay