‘No More Sleeps’

No more sleeps. The much anticipated day has finally arrived. In a few hours the ferry, the ‘MV Clansman’ should be arriving in Tiree an on board should be our daughter and son-in-law.

It’s 9:55pm!

On Sunday they travelled north and on Monday they spent the day sight seeing in Edinburgh. Their plan had been to visit Arthur’s Seat, but at that point in the day the weather was inclement. A tour of Edinburgh Castle was the next objective, but it was fully booked, however they did manage to send us a photograph of that rocky crag.

No! It’s not Tiree!

While we were out walking in the evening, around 10:00pm, another photograph arrived. Taken from their hotel window, it was of the sunset over the capital. The composition must have been more by design than by accident. It was a reminder that sunset on Tiree is slightly later than in Auld Reekie for as yet the sun had yet to fall below the horizon.

Sunset over the Capital

Sunset in Edinburgh was 22:02 while on Tiree it was 22:21 – a difference of around 20 minutes. They are going to notice a difference for in the south of England there is almost an hours difference and add to that the effect of the gloamin’.

Gott Bay – Popular with the yachting Fraternity!

What a beautiful evening it was. There was hardly a cloud in the sky over Tiree. The Isle of Mull was more or less hidden from view by a blanket of cloud, while the sky over Tiree was clear.


Out of habit our first port of call was the pier and to our amazement there were no less than thirteen yachts at anchor in the bay. Gott Bay is certainly growing in popularity! To that number could be added a small fishing boat, while further out in the bay was a clam fishing boat.

At rest in the calm waters of the bay

In the eight years we have lived on the island we cannot recall so many yachts in the bay at the same time. What a sight especially around sunset.

Some seek privacy

Again, out of habit, we struck out across the Machair for the old harbour from where Tiree Sea Tours sail on their marine adventures. There are sea safaris as well as trips to Skerryvore Lighthouse, Iona, Staffa for Fingal’s Cave, Coll, and Lunga to observe the puffins.

Tiree Sea Tours – The Expanding Fleet

At present work continues on the Scarinish Hotel, As well as work on renovating the interior, a new car park and beer garden have been added. To the front outside seating gives a view across the harbour from where it is possible to see the Treshinish Isles, the Isle of Mull and the more distant Paps of Jura.

A Comfy Spot

This evening the setting sun cast an orange glow over harbour.

Harbour View from ‘The Scarinish’

Around the lighthouse that guards the entrance to the harbour, the sheep were making the most of the long hours of daylight as they fed on the Machair.

On Sunday evening we met a couple who were walking down the road towards the pier and their yacht at anchor in the bay. In conversation they remarked that it was a great evening and all that was missing were some palm trees. We pointed out that there some in various parts of the island and they would spot some opposite the pier.

Palm Trees by the Pier

It was time to retrace our steps. It was too pleasant an evening to return indoors. The sun had just set and the waters of Gott Bay were taking on the colours of the sunset.

The sun has set

With no clouds in the western sky,
it was the eastern sky that turned pink.

Magnificent Gott Bay

What a joy and privilege to live on Tiree and to be part of a caring community.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.