A Blue Sky Day

Tiree has a reputation to maintain as one of the sunniest places in the United Kingdom and it will be interesting to see the official data for today. Yesterday, even with the mist coming and going, Tiree was the sunniest place in the UK. (For a video of the MV Clansman in the mist here is link.)

Gott Bay

With hardly a breath of wind, and the little there was ( 5mph) Gott Bay was like glass. In the morning the weather forecast for the temperature was 17 but it was to feel like 21 degrees.

Gott Bay Moorings

By 3:00pm the temperature was 20 degrees but with nothing to act as a shade and being surrounded by water it certainly felt much warmer. Some days last week it felt like winter was upon us – today summer is certainly here.

Gently does it

In the eight years we have been on Tiree I cannot remember looking out across the ‘Passage of Tiree’ and the sea being being like glass. It was so flat calm that the wake from the pleasure craft heading out of the bay took a long time to disperse.

The MV Clansman turning into Gott Bay
MV Clansman enters the bay with real class.

On Tuesday afternoons at present the MV Clansman arrives in Tiree at 6:50pm. This evening she was bang up to time. The wind had swung round to the north and was 7mph. This caused a ripple effect on the glass surface of the waters of the bay.

Mobile Home with Car Trailer
Shoe horned in

Outbound from Tiree the MV Clansman was busy, very busy. At one point, when a mobile home and trailer were loaded, you wondered how they would get the remaining traffic on board – but they did.

Viking Star

As the MV Clansman carried out the final safety checks before heading out to sea a cruise ship, the Viking Star, could be seen proceeding south down the Passage of Tiree.

The MV Clansman with ramp raised.

The MV Clansman well deserves her name as the ‘Mighty One’ and for good reason. Skippers are agreed she is a fine ship and CalMac/CMAL would have done well to build more like her. In rough weather she proves her worth when berthing at Tiree. This evening for another reason she lived up to her reputation as the ‘Mighty One’ – she “dwarfed” the ‘Viking Star’.

‘The Mighty One’

Some take pleasure in showing how small the MV Clansman is beside the Cruise Ships that anchor off Oban, this evening on Tiree there was a different perspective altogether. At one point the MV Clansman almost completely hid the Viking Star from view.

As seen from Tiree
The bow of the Viking Star reappears
The MV Clansman now bound for Oban

What a grand day it has been day out at sea in the waters around Tiree. Tire Sea Tours no doubt appreciated the calm waters for their Sea Safari trips. Not such a grand day however for those who wanted to surf.

Passing out South facing window

We had just finished our evening meal when the Viking Star passed in front of our South Facing window. She was well out in the Passage of Tiree, but she could clearly be seen. And to think the MV Clansman dwarfed her!!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’