A Spring Arrival

For the second time this week it has actually felt as if Spring has become a reality. On Tuesday ‘Life on Tiree” recorded,  ‘There has been no wind to speak of, the sun has shone all day and for Tiree it has felt warm.’ The following two days witnessed a return to grey skies, strong winds and rough sea conditions.  Come today and it feels like a completely different place.

From sunrise to sunset it has been spring like. The daffodils planted last year have finally begun to open their heads. It is hard to believe that they have survived a battering from the winter gales. Then as we drove from our home to Balephuil at the West End of the island; on the way we saw some very young calves and new born lambs. It has to be Spring

As sunset approaches Ben More on the Isle of Mull

On our way back to Scarinish, as we looked out to sea, we we were convinced that we could see a mast in the distance . The craft itself was hidden from view, but it had to be a mast out there to the north in Passage of Tiree.

Across Got Bay the Rum Cuillin at sunset

For the first time in what has felt like weeks, even months, there has been a clear view of Ben More on the Isle of Mull and of the Rum Cuillin. Although Mull is east of Tiree and Rum north of Tiree, there was a pink glow over both. 

Sunset captured from the pier, Scarinish

The landscape around our home was taking on a distinct auburn hue as sunset approached. It seemed a perfect evening to take a walk down to the pier and out along it. With the breeze coming from the North- North-West, there was a distinct chill in the air. There might have been a bright blue sky for most of the day, but it certainly wasn’t the height of summer.

Ben Gott at the going down of the sun

Looking out across to Ben More on Mull there was the mast. Yes! It was a yacht. Research on the mobile phone showed it to be the Silurian owned by the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust.  Their website states that the trust is a marine conservation charity that takes action through a unique programme of community based research and education. 

The Silurian in the Passage of Tiree – note the sail arrangement

The yacht had left Tobermory earlier in the day and sailed directly to Gott Bay, Tiree.  Looking towards Ben More, the Silurian was a dot in the distance.  As she made her way into the bay her outline and sails became much clearer.  Photographs revealed how the crew changed and altered her sails from her progress down the Passage of Tiree until she anchored in Gott Bay.

Within the Bay – again note the sails

The facts related to the Silurian are impressive. She has berths 10 people: 6 volunteers and 4 crew. And was used in the filming of the BBC’s Blue Planet. Twenty-four species of whale, dolphin and porpoise have been recorded in Hebridean waters, alongside the endangered basking shark. 

Tilley the Turbine still not in operation

Perhaps the arrival of the Silurian in Gott Bay is a confirmation that Spring has arrived for it is not often that we see a yacht anchored in the waters of Gott Bay this early in the year.

About to drop anchor

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