With gusts of 62mph forecast for Tuesday the 8th of March, Tuesday’s ferry is on an alert of delay or cancellation at shortnotice. The expectation is that anytime soon it will be cancelled. After three glorious calm, sunny days, today Monday 7th of March was a bit of a shock to the system.

MV Lord of the Isles in the Passage of Tiree

There was still a hint of brightness, but the southerly wind was bitterly cold, especially down by the pier. With winds gusting at 37mph Monday’s crossing from Oban and Coll arrived in Gott Bay. For the MV Lord of the Isles she put up a good bow wave entering and leaving the bay.

An impressive bow wave as LOTI enters Gott Bay

The Lord of Isles can rock and roll quite a bit when alongside the pier. Today there was very little movement and thankfully not a hint of a rope snapping. Nevertheless it could not have been pleasant handling the ropes, especially on the roundhead. Below is a photo record from the pier.

LOTI in Gott Bay
LOTI framed by the linkspan
Aided by the southerly breeze LOTI cants as she turns to berth
Cautiously LOTI approaches the pier
Concentration on the bridge
The crew at the stern on the ready
LOTI’s thrusters will have to work hard
Midship rope successfully caught
LOTI’s thrusters bringing her stern
Danger – Bow ropes being secured
CATCH! It’s the turn of stern ropes.
It’s the turn of the crew to catch.
Ready to Roll as the gangway is raised.
Gangway lowered but not quite ready to sail
Ready to raise the ramp
Releasing the bow ropes at the roundhead
The vessel secured and underway
LOTI heading out to sea
Passing the wave measuring bouy
A successful berthing

This is Life on Tiree

Enjoying the breeze!

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