Repeat Performance

No two performances are identical but at first it felt like a repeat performance of the day before. We woke up to the wind speed about 46mph and gusts of 59mph. It was indeed another stormy morning. The sky was perhaps a little lighter and it was raining off and on.

With high tide in Gott Bay at 09:33 and the rain having taken a momentary break, the decision was made to see how things were down by the pier. At some points it felt as if I was being propelled along by the gusts which were now at 60mph.

It was not a morning for walking down the pier

It felt important to seek refuge from the southerly wind if I was going to be able to hold the camera steady in order to avoid camera shake. Some solid vehicles parked near the pier head proved to be strategically positioned.

It was high tide

The big question in my mind was would the waves crest the wall that protects the approach to the pier. In the past I had witnessed them reaching high above the lamp posts. Generally the wind needs to be over 60mph (although not always) Interesting, and the swell rolling directly into the bay.

Not every wave crested the pier wall

Perhaps not a repeat performance of previous displays, but some waves crested the wall with the spray reaching almost to the top of the lamp posts. Others ran along the wall with some waves just cresting it and no more.

Not quite as impressive as previous displays

The bay itself was full of breaking waves with white horses everywhere. Sometimes the wind would catch a wave breaking in front of me and form spindrift.

A wave breaking between the shore and the pier.

On occasions waves would come close to breaking over the roundhead. At other times you would see the wave build up and run along the pier with some of them break over the pier.

The roundhead
Dramatic to watch
A wave running along the pier
The build up

At one point in the photographic expedition the bay began to almost disappear from sight as the wind drove in the rain. Thankfully standing in the lee of the vehicles there was some shelter from the driving rain.

Where has the Lodge hotel and the bay disappeared to?

Looking out over the bay there was a real sense of the wildness of the occasion. This was especially so as the waves broke right in front of me.

Limited vision

In the midst of the swell and breaking waves, I spotted a sea bird and then I watched it take off. Somehow it seemed at home, even in such wild conditions.

Take off

You felt that you could stay and watch the drama. Every wave was different, but the thought of dry clothes and a warming cup of coffee prompted a return home.

As I made my way home, it felt as if the wind was not quite as strong as before. However, this did not prevent me from getting drenched. Still living a short distance from the pier it was not long before I was enjoying that warm cup of coffee.
Gulls soaring above the waves

As we drank our coffee we looked out on the daffodils. At the weekend they had responded to the sunshine with their heads fully open. Amazingly they had withstood the battering of the high winds. It struck us that for their protection they had closed their heads. How great is our Creator God.

The wind speed has dropped and the morning flight from Glasgow, although delayed, has landed. Tomorrow hopefully the sea conditions will have calmed down permitting the arrival of the ferry.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.