Here Comes The Sun

With the sun transforming everything it touched for the second day in a row and a forecast for more to come in the week ahead I found myself thinking, ‘Here Comes The Sun’. The words somehow seemed familiar.

Gott Bay with Ben More on the Isle of Mull (20+ miles away)

To those familiar with the song, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ please excuse my ignorance. I did not realise that the words were from the lyrics of a song  written by George Harrison of the Beatles and featured in their 1969 Album ‘Abbey Road’. 

Looking across to ‘Rum’ from the headland at Vaul
Eigg from the same spot at Vaul

The song was inspired by long winters in England which seemed to last forever for him. One line of the song states, ‘It’s been a long cold lonely winter.’ and that’s how it has felt for many on the island. Sitting with a friend in the garden and with their guitars in their hands Harrison penned the lyrics while sitting under the sun on a beautiful Spring morning.

Looking across Vaul bay/beach to the Isle of Mull

Here on Tiree there is the appearance of Spring, particularly when the daffodils respond to the bright sunshine by opening their trumpets. The days may have the look of Spring, but not necessarily the feel for there is a chill in the stiff breeze. With the wind gusting at over 40mph Saturday’s ferry sailings were cancelled and Sunday’s sailing was being attempted although berthing was not guaranteed.

Looking across Gott Bay to Ben Hynish from Vaul
Looking across Gott Bay To Scarinish from Vaul

For several days Mrs Life on Tiree has been restricted in her activityby a painful knee  joint and consequently has not ventured far.  She has perfected the art of hobbling about the house but on Saturday afternoon she announced that she would appreciate going for a run in the sun. Taking her words literally I protested that this was not wise in her condition. I was soon corrected for what she intended was a run in the car. 

Pausing from haring about even if it is March

At the top of Pier Road the decision was made to head further East. It is claimed that ‘West is best’ but ‘East is a Feast” with stunning views the length and breadth of the island and across to neighbouring islands. At the ‘Pink House’ (Tullymet) we forked right to run alongside Gott Bay. Both sky and sea were so blue!

Looking across from Tilley to Ben Hynish
‘Rum’ from the same spot on the B8069

At Silversands we turned left for Vaul. Coast to coast this is one of the narrowest stretches of land, being under a mile across. We followed the road up on to the headland from where we had wonderful views, even if the sun was so bright it create a slight haze.

Lambing time at Caolas
We’re not camera shy
We were bold as brass

Our ‘run’ was turning out more than simply a scenic tour, it began to feel like a safari. At Ruaig we spotted two hares. It is that time of year the season for ‘Mad March hares’. Then at Caolas Mrs Life on Tiree was excited to see some very young lambs. Later on at Ruaig we set eyes on a young calf amidst several cows.

Sunset from Scarinish
With our gaze to the West

Returning to B8069 we set out towards Caolas. On the high ground close to Tilley the Turbine we paused to take in the view and take one or two photographs A recurring theme was the views we had of Ben More on Mull, the Isle of Rum and also a glimpse of Eigg.

Sunrise and the moon setting
Waiting for the sun to rise over Mull

After such a day of bright sunshine the sunset was not a disappointment. Interestingly Sunday 20th March is the the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. The spring equinox marks the first day of spring, and the precise time of the equinox was at 3:33pm GMT. For the two earth’s two hemispheres, the equinoxes are at opposites. When it’s the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, it’s the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere. 

A first glimpse
Sunrise! Worth rising to watch.

On Sunday about 6:25am I left home and crossed over to the Memorial in Pier Road to watch the sunrise. At 6:30am the sun popped its head over the Isle of Mull. It was a sight worth getting up to watch.

The view across Hynish Bay from Baugh

Just to prove the good weather had continued, we took the camera with us to Baugh where we were meeting with our church family. After the Sunday Gathering we looked out over to Hynish, Manal and Balemartine.

The MV Lord of the Isles in the Passage of Tiree
MV Lord of the Isles in Gott Bay

Early afternoon around 2:45 it was off down to the pier. The ferry instead of departing Oban at 7:00am delayed sailing until 11:30am due to the stiff breeze and possible swell conditions. It was one of these days when the question on most folks minds was, “Will she or won’t she?. In other words would the ferry managed to successfully berth. And the answer was ‘Yes! She made it.’

Lord of the Isles preparing to head out to sea

This is Life on Tiree

We did it!

Looking for more of the same
in the week ahead