The Isle of Tiree does not often get a mention on the Scottish News, far less the ‘National (UK) News’, yet on Wednesday the 20th of April Tiree got a passing mention. The reporter was commenting on the ferry woes relating to the Isle of Arran due to the breakdown of the ‘MV Caledonian Isles’. The report finished by saying that the ‘MV Clansman’ which sails from Oban to Coll and Tiree had suffered from a technical issue which resulted in a delayed departure from the Isle of Barra.

The ‘MV Isle of Mull’ alongside the pier at Tiree 14/04/2022

The previous Thursday the ‘MV Isle of Mull’ replaced the ‘MV Clansman’ as the ‘Mighty One’, not long back from her annual maintenance and certification, had a technical issue affecting her stabilisers. The day before the return sailing from Tiree to Barra through the Gunna Sound had to be cancelled.

A Tight Squeeze

On the Thursday the 14th of May the ‘MV Isle of Mull’ was transporting a wide load which had to negotiate its way onto the stern ramp to access the link-span and so on to the pier. Between the driver and crew the procedure was carried out without a scratch to the Mobile Home.

The escort vehicle had gone on ahead.

Occasionally the ‘MV Isle of Mull’ visits the island particularly at the conclusion of the Tiree Music Festival due to the vessel having a greater capacity than the ‘MV Clansman’ for foot passengers. Who would have thought she would visit Tiree on two consecutive Thursdays!

Low Tide helped with a successful berthing.

The ‘MV Isle of Mull’ was designed to sail between Oban Ferry Terminal and Craignure of the Isle of Mull. Her stern and ramp is much higher than that of the ‘MV Clansman’ and this does not help in any way when berthing at Tiree.

The view across the marshalling lanes from Pier Road

Due to sea conditions the ‘MV Isle of Mull’ only berthed at the Isle of Coll on her way to Tiree. Most days the ‘MV Clansman’ will also pay a return visit to Coll en-route to Oban. It was more or less high tide when the ferry berthed and there was a moderate swell.

Preparing to berth stern first

The ferry normally berths stern first at Tiree and this means turning round in Gott Bay as the ferry enters the bay bow first. The latest issue afflicting the ‘MV Clansman relates to her aft thrusters. Today the ‘Isle of Mull’ made full use of her thrusters when coming alongside the pier.

The ferry’s thrusters being deployed in coming in sideways alongside the pier.

Through the Link-span



Four ropes bow and stern

Not so long ago on a previous visit to Tiree one of the stern ropes snapped. Today four ropes were deployed at the bow and stern.

Foot Passengers Via The Car Deck

Foot passengers have to access the ‘MV Isle of Mull’ via the car deck



The status report when going to post was – Friday 22nd April – Due to a technical issue with MV Clansman’s Aft Bow Thrust Unit, this service is liable to disruption or cancellation at short notice. The weather forecast for the next few days is promising, but just as important the issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. We have plans to travel in the very near future!

Just Look At That Sky

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