Sunday evening brought to a climax a weekend of celebration Throughout the UK many came together to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  Here on the Isle of Tiree the weekend began with the lighting of a beacon/bonfire on top of Ben Gott on Thursday and concluded on Sunday with ‘afternoon tea’ in An Talla (the Island’s Community Hall).

Jubilee Celebrations – Sunset competes with Beacon

Royal Windsor had its tree of trees. On Tiree there was no need for amazing effects, no matter how clever or inventive. It has been reported widely that on the Balcony of Buckingham Palace Prince Louis stole the show. On the island the weather stole the show. No matter who you talked to, they commented on the amazing weather.

Palms by the Pier

The wind dropped, the sun shone in more or less cloudless skies, and the sunsets were stunning. With blue skies and shell sand beaches the colour of the sea was breath taking. The climax was undoubtedly Sunday evening’s sunset.

Gott Bay

What a day! At Cafe Church we gave thanks for the Queen as we celebrated the birthday of the Church – conceived in eternity and born on the Day of Pentecost – fifty days after Jesus’ death and resurrection. There was even popcorn and bubbles!

A hare sits quietly on top of the Machair at Heanish

We enjoyed ‘afternoon tea’ with around 150 others in An Talla and with two pipers adding to the occasion. Pat Boyd graciously led the event and expressed his appreciation for all who had contributed to the weekend’s celebrations.

Pelican moored at Millport

Then, if that was not sufficient, we were invited out for an evening meal by friends living in Heanish. With only just over two weeks remaining until the day with the most daylight hours, it is hard to gauge the time of day. Thus it was with the sun setting that we left their home.

The Dutchman’s Cap and Ben More from Crossapol

The car was facing the opposite direction from home and rather than turn around we decided to take the long way home making  a circle that took in Baugh, Crossapol, Kenovay, Balephetrish, Gott and lastly Scarinish. All around the island the sky was a glorious shade of pink.

The Isle of Rum and in the far distance a hint of the Cuillins on Skye from the Kenovay Road

As we took our leave from our friends there were two hares sitting on the Machair which was taking on the hues of the setting sun. Only one of the hares waited around to be photographed. Perhaps it was the time of day, but we saw several hares as we made our way home.

The distant Isle of Eigg from the Kenovay Road.

At Millport on the border of Heanish and Baugh, a small boat called “Pelican’ was at rest on what was a flat calm sea that was taking on the hues of the setting sun. Over the years this has become a firm favourite scene. The next photo stop was in Crossapol to capture Ben More on the Isle of Mull, over 20 miles away.

Looking over Balephetrish Bay towards Rum

Whatever direction you looked the sky was amazing. It was like pink icing on top of the celebration cake that was the wonderful weekend weather. From Crossapol we headed towards Kenovay and from the road we had a clear view of some of the Outer Hebrides, and the Isles of Rum and Eigg.

Balephetrish Bay

We stopped briefly at Balephetrish Bay before heading on towards Gott Bay. The sun had still not set but already sea and sky looked magnificent.

The sun dipping below the horizon

As we made our way across the island towards Gott Bay a glance in the rear view mirror afforded a view of the sun about to drop below the horizon. Have no fear! We stopped the car before capturing this event.

Gott Bay from Tullymet

Gott Bay was resplendent and provided a fitting end to a weekend of celebration. Tullymet is known as the ‘Pink House’ and on Sunday evening it looked across a sea and sky of various shades of pink.

Pier View

We could not go straight home. We simply had to drive down and park by the pIer. It was no disappointment. The sea was a tranquil mirror. A walk down the pier was called. The sky and the sea were centre stage – stealing the show. Here are just a few more photographs.

Ben More
The Lodge Hotel

On Sunday, Tiree was officially once again the sunniest place in the UK with 16.1 hours of sunshine. On the Isle of Tiree the weather may have stolen the show but I recall what the Queen wrote on the occasion of her 90th Birthday. “In my Christmas Broadcast in 1952, I asked the people of the Commonwealth and Empire to pray for me as I prepared to dedicate myself to their service at my Coronation. I have been – and remain – very grateful to you for yours prayers and to God for his steadfast love. I have indeed seen his faithfulness.”

Ropes Reflecting
The Pier Office by still waters

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
let your glory be over all the earth.

From the Bible – Pslam 57:5

This is Life on Tiree