Walking from our home towards the pier we could see two enormous masts out in the bay. A quick glance at Marine Traffic revealed that the masts in question belonged to the yacht Drumbeat. At this point in time we did not have the camera with us as the weather, although just about dry, was dreich.

Through the mist!

Returning shortly afterwards the big question was ‘Where was the yacht?’ Gott Bay was shrouded in mist! Since our return on Saturday the weather has been dull and wet. It certainly has not felt like June. There certainly been a north south divide, with the south experiencing a heat wave, while on Tiree the temperature has been at most half of that in the south.


Almost as soon as the mist had descended, it rolled back affording a better view of Drumbeat. Although the yacht could be made out both sky and sea were grey with very little contrast. Confession time now. They say the camera never lies, and while that may be partly true, editing can. For the sake of giving some definition, the photographs were edited. Both sky and sea were more grey than blue.

Passengers returning to Drumbeat

 ‘Drumbeat’ was built by Alloy Yachts in 2002 and is thus 20 years old. She currently sails under the flag of the Cayman Islands. With a crew of 10 she can cater fro 11 passengers and has five cabins.

From the pier’s slip the tender heads back to the yacht

The yacht ‘s exterior was design by Dubois Naval Architects and her interiors by Alloy Yachts and the owner. At 53 metres Drumbeat is one of the largest modern sailing yachts ever built and blends top-level sailing performance with excellent seaworthiness. 

Out in the bay

It has been reported that Drumbeat is a fearsome competitor on the circuit and winner of the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge in 2005.

With all on board Drumbeat sits at anchor

An unusual design feature of the yacht is a single-level layout, running from the cockpit through the salon and dining area. Drumbeat can be chartered but at a price!

Beyond the pier

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ reporting

On a dull day a splash of colour on the shore