“Ropes Away”

It was ‘Ropes Away’. The bow and stern ropes were released The strong cords holding us to Tiree were set free. The link was severed and we were on our way. It was the first leg of many on our journey. First of all to Oban and then Glasgow. Then on to England and beyond. […]

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Just Ruminating

It’s all over for another year. I can get back to just simply grazing. Life can take on a sense of normality once more. Life is thankfully proving a little quieter. None of that heavy base beat every evening. It’ll be me and the other girls enjoying the delights of the machair. TMF 2017 is […]

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Cafe Culture

They have a special outdoor viewing area at the Farmhouse Cafe in Balemartine here on the beautiful island of Tiree so that you can see me close up. Naturally I prefer what my mum gives me but I understand they serve great food and coffee (or tea). I love the outdoor life but the cafe […]

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It really feels as if Tiree has woken up. (Not that the island was ever really asleep.) The weekend ferries have been extremely busy. The birds are singing and the machair is awakening. Out and about you are conscious of birdsong. Walking or driving you sense colour returning to the island. When the sun shines […]

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What a Treat

The evening began with a real treat. An outing with our visitors to Ceabhar. Home cooked meals with warm, friendly service. Every visit to the Isle of Tiree should include this treat. (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures) Making our way slowly back home We were tempted to continue on to Vaul. The sky […]

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A West End Gem

At the West End of Tiree, in the township of Balemartine, you’ll find a real gem. The line of parked cars probably indicates that you have arrived at the Farmhouse Cafe. A renovated barn is home to the cafe made all the more attractive by the light, airy sun lounge with outstanding view towards Ben […]

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