Bed and Breakfast had been booked in Oban. It was important that we had a contingency plan. Thankfully the PS Waverley’s advertised sailing took place. There was no need to resort to PLAN B – travel from Tiree to Oban by the ferry. Our arrival at Oban’s North Pier was just after 7:30pm. It was […]

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Full Steam Ahead – Part 2

Yes! Full Steam Ahead bound for Tobermory and Oban. But first we must reverse away from the pier out into the bay. This is Life on Tiree on board the world’s last sea-going paddle steamer. The sun has broken through the clouds. It is looking promising for our sail to Oban. The telegraph sounds from […]

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Snow Moon

On the evening of the 10th February and into the morning of the following day three celestial events coincide to give a spectacular display The first event is a full moon. Native American Indians know it as the ‘Snow Moon’. This particular full moon was the time of year when snow was most anticipated. When […]

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January 1st 2017

It’s about 9:00am on Sunday the 1st of January 2017. A voice from the kitchen announces, “Look at that sunrise!” The forecast was for sunshine in the hours of daylight. In the morning clouds cast doubts on this. A walk was in order before lunch. The wind was from the north. “It was cold!” Cloud […]

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An Talla was the venue, the date was Tuesday the 22nd of November and the occasion was the book launch of ‘Longships on the Sand’. The author is Dr John Holliday, who was the general medical practitioner on Tiree for thirty years. Graciously and humbly he informed his audience of the background to the book. […]


Ultra Marathon 2016

The Tiree Ultra Marathon is ultra in so many ways. For a start there is the beautiful island location. It is friendly and has a family atmosphere. It is competitive and yet supportive. Runners look out for each other. (In galleries mouse-over for captions and double click for larger photographs) From before dawn until after dusk […]

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Wait! Wait! Wait!

There’s been a joke doing the rounds on Tiree. They should have had ‘Wet, Wet, Wet’ playing at TMF. It has been a weekend of persistent dreich, damp weather. On Sunday evening sea fog (haar) began and settled in overnight. The first ferry departed Oban at 5:30am and arrived Tiree at 9:20am. Long before the […]

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Addition Or Edition?

Is it the Thursday Edition? Or is the Thursday Addition? It matters not for it can be read either way. Appointments in Baugh meant no appointment with the ferry. Yet before dropping down to the old harbour the ferry was visible. As I crossed the machair beside Pier Road the ferry headed out to sea. I […]

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Sun Before Showers

The last thing the organisers of TMF want is a forecast of gale force winds. Any gales are further north and west, so TMF has been spared. Wednesday is the day of sun before the arrival of showers. (Mouse-over in galleries for captions, double-click for larger photographs.) It is heart warming to have bright blue sky. Scarinish old […]

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Sunshine and Showers

Sunshine, showers and silvery surf. The sunshine and showers have brought their own beauty. The Passage of Tiree and Gott Bay transformed by the sun and clouds. (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger photographs) Thursday the 30th of June was the School’s Annual Awards Ceremony. Friday the 1st of July is the first full day […]

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