Various family members have previously enjoyed a Tiree Sea Tour. I had put off availing myself of this exciting opportunity My chief concern was stepping on and off the rib. I needn’t have given it a moment’s thought. Frazer and Kris were on hand to help. “Nae problem!” Frazer and Kris make a great team. […]

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West End Safari

With a visitor in residence there are some places you must take them and so this afternoon we headed to the West End. First we enjoyed lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe. (Bright surroundings, great service and wholesome food.) Then it was out to meet the bull-calf going to Stirling on May 1st. All the best […]

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. . . ‘I Spy’ . . . A game played by generations. Spotters’ guides written for British children, they were particularly successful in the 1950s and 1960s in their original form and again when relaunched by Michelin in 2009 after a seven-year gap in publishing. Tiree has its own popular series of spotter books […]

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Inspiring Visitors

It had to happen. Even on Tiree it couldn’t go on forever. Four weeks of almost unbroken sunshine had to come to an end. Nevertheless there is a hardly a breeze and the sea is still flat and calm Temporarily the stunning sets are absent. There have been occasional breaks in the clouds. And the […]

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Mind Me!

“Why choose the hottest day of the year thus far to go cutting the grass? Your natural garden was providing a welcome relief from the sun. And have you considered the haven you afford for wild flowers? There is a ‘Life on Tiree’ for us too.” “It’s bad enough the neighbours cutting the grass. We thought […]

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Here Comes The Sunshine

Today dawned bright, sunny and calm. The MV Clansman entered into the silvery waters of Gott Bay. It was just as if a spotlight had been focused on the ferry. What a contrast with the  day before when the water was cold and leaden. Due to the MV Isle of Lewis being in dry dock […]

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