The Year that was 2016

With the hours of daylight still little more than six hours the month of January can often feel dark and dismal. The New year celebrations are soon a memory and the Christmas lights are stored away. 2016 Re-visited – Snowfall and Spindrift The winter of 2015-2016 was characterised by named storms. February began with Howling […]

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The Week The Sun Shone

A’Bhuain Tiree’s Home Coming Event. For the whole week the sun shone every day. The island lived up to its reputation of being Scotland’s Sunshine Capital. 2006 -2016 – 2026. That’s it for another 10 years. A’ Bhuain was from Monday to Friday. Today, Saturday, many were making their way home. Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, Canada, […]

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Still Life

Calm! All is Bright! It’s Friday and another calm day. Hardly a breath of wind, hardly a ripple on the sea. In spite of the brightness there is an early morning haze. It is as if the colour has been drained out of sea and sky. Nevertheless there are still reflections. Some of the ‘Home […]

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Late Post

Although flight delays can result in the local postmen working late, the post in question is an update to lifeontiree with photographs captured late in the day. It has been another day at A’ Bhuain. Home Comers and Islanders need lunch. The sterling efforts of the catering teams have much appreciated. Mouse-over for titles, double-click […]

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When Pictures Fail

It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” however there are occasions when words and pictures fail. This is certainly true of the recent Skipinnish concert organised by the A’ Bhuain Committee for the Tiree Home Coming 2016. Led by Angus MacPhail from Tiree, the band was originally formed with a mission to champion classic Scottish Highland West […]

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There and Back

There and back. Out and In. However you put it, living on island means that travelling to the Mainland requires you taking a ferry or a plane. A bridge to Tiree would be a bridge too far. (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures)   Thankfully this year Tiree has better connections by ferry and by […]

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History Brought To Life

On a warm, sunny evening in May over 200 people gathered in An Talla to watch Tiree’s West End Players’ presentation A re-enactment of ‘The Napier Commission Enquiry The play was written, directed and produced by Mabel Macarthur and is based on transcripts of the evidence given to Lord Napier and his fellow commissioners by the […]

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Home Coming

Our own ‘Home Coming’ was on Thursday, when we returned from holiday on the verdant Isle of Colonsay. The previous evening in Oban we enjoyed a magnificent sunset but our arrival on Tiree was greeted by rain and threatening grey skies. The morning of Saturday, the 21st of May, began damp and grey. Not the […]

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