Only the 2nd of February

It was only the second of February Yet if felt better than many a day in July. There was hardly a breath of wind and it was sunny. The weather forecast for over six hours of sunshine was accurate. First light with its red glow promised clear sight of the sunrise. The glow and the […]

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Inspirational and Unique

It was the evening before the Tiree Maritime Trust’s Regatta. Just as significant it was the conclusion of ‘Kitchen Tales’. This event was held in the Baptist Church premises. In the morning the team would be flying home. They had been leading the holiday club. The evenings were for the older children. The team might […]

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Snow Capped Bens

After yesterday’s snow fall Tiree is an island of two halves. While the east is almost snow free the West has a modest covering of snow. (For titles in galleries mouseover – for larger pictures double-click.) This morning you cannot miss Tiree’s ‘Beinns” while Ben Hough is almost snow free both Ben Hynish and Kenavara […]

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