Tiree: A Fresh Perspective

Thankfully on Tiree we have been spared the hazardous driving conditions being experienced by many on the Mainland. For the past six days we have had high winds and powerful waves but no blizzards, drifts or sheet ice. Although the photographs give the impression of snow, it is in fact hail. Today, we have had a […]

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Tiree: Caring and Generous

An Auction of various promises (as well as a silent auction) was held at An Talla in aid of Curam’s Resource Club, Tiree. Set in Roman times the auction was firmly rooted in Tiree and spoke volumes of a caring, generous community. Kate MacCallum introduced the evening’s events with Will Wright serving as a quick thinking, […]

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This is Tiree

This is Tiree at its best. The sky is blue and this is reflected by sand and sea. We have been back on the island 11 days now and what an amazing spell of good weather we have enjoyed. Our fear was that when our visitors arrived the weather would break, but the opposite has […]

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Tiree: The Son Has Risen!

This morning, following yesterday’s dreich weather, we woke to dark skies and heavy rain. Yet, by the time we left home (10.00am) for ‘An Talla , the sun had risen. We passed a favourite spot, the old harbour at Baugh. You are so close to the water at this point on the journey, that it is […]

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Feis Thiriodh

The website states, ‘The Tiree Fèis was established in 1990 to foster and promote the language, culture and music of Tiree, making it as relevant as ever to the lifestyle of the present day in a way which draws people of all ages.’ This evening we attended the Tutors’ Concert in An Talla and what an evening […]

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Living On The Edge

Perhaps, one of the unspoken concerns regarding our move to Tiree was ,“What will you find to do on an island 11 miles long and only 5 miles wide at its widest point (often only one mile wide) and four hours away by boat from the Mainland?”  Have no fear for our sanity, there is […]

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