A Sunday Evening Stroll

It’s just gone 9:00pm and the grass outside is turning to gold. The sun has not yet set but its rays are working their powerful effect. As the lengthening beams caress the landscape they entice you outside. As we step outside all feels calm for the air is still. It will be no long walk […]

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The Journey

The journey is from our house to the pier. On foot it only takes just over five minutes. On the way you pass ‘An Turas’ – a journey into the landscape. This evening the journey was into a landscape coloured by the setting sun. In Pier Road the Memorial had taken on the colour of […]

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Bliadhna Mhath Ùr

‘An Turas’ is the Gaelic for ‘Journey’‘. It is the name given to a work of art situated very close to the CalMac Office that gives a view of the island land and seascape. How appropriate An Turas is for the journey into the unknown that we face. In 1939 when Queen Elizabeth was 13 years old she handed […]

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Sunset Safari

Sunset Safari. ‘An Turas’ is the Gaelic for ‘Journey’ The Isle of Tiree website defines it as: Both a building and an art work, a landmark and a symbol. Situated close to the CalMac Office it gives a view of the island land and seascape. (Moues-over for titles in galleries and double click for larger […]

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Marvellous May

What A Marvellous May! Bright and sunny almost every day! And how the daylight hours are lengthening. Not only that! We had had stunning sunsets most evenings. Here are just a few examples from the Marvellous Month of May. Looking back the question then was, ‘Would the weather hold?’ With a week’s holiday approaching it was […]

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Saturday Special

Sunrise was 4:50 and Sunset is 22:00 hours. Conscious that is nearing sunset we leave home. The setting sun is reflecting off our neighbours’ windows. However our eyes are drawn upwards where the sky is on fire. Crossing onto Pier Road the memorial is floodlit by the setting sun. This evening is truly a Saturday Special. There […]

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Late Post

Although flight delays can result in the local postmen working late, the post in question is an update to lifeontiree with photographs captured late in the day. It has been another day at A’ Bhuain. Home Comers and Islanders need lunch. The sterling efforts of the catering teams have much appreciated. Mouse-over for titles, double-click […]

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